Monster Tactics: Hunter Focus


Part 2 of learning you scrubs on how to improve your monster. This deals with which Hunter to focus down and how to do it.

Each monster has different strenghts and weaknesses. They can excel against certain teams, and lost against others. Here is a basic rundown of who you should be going for when in a fight.

If Sunny or Hank is support, get them down quickly. Their shields will be a thorn in your side the whole fight, and downing them will make it a lot easier. When going for support, they will cloak to try to prevent damage. If you are playing wraith or kraken, you won’t have a consistent way to reveal them, so switch targets to medic while they run from you. Go right back to them as soon as the cloak fades.

If Lazaras is on the team, focus trapper hard if you want to run. Don’t worry about the res if you are trying to run and stage up. If they have Cabot or bucket on the team, go hard for laz and switch targets back to trapper when he cloaks, unless you have him revealed with fire damage or acid.

Focus the trapper if Crow is on the team. The charged slow shot is brutal and will leave you as a big target if you run out of traversal. His long rifle can pierce armor, so get him down to preserve health.

Assaults should be ignored for the most part. Hit them with a big ability, such as rock throw or lightning strike, to knock them away from you and do damage. Most won’t pop their shields immediately, so if you can, hit him a few times to lower their hp. When the shield drops, go in hard on them. They do all the damage so you’ll stay alive longer with them down. If Lennox or blitz Markov, hit them every few seconds to prevent the ramping damage. Blitz Markov needs to be stumbled to break his chain, so try to time a heavy attack on him.

In general, go for Trapper first if you don’t want to fight. Support if you do. Medic if you find it hard to get a down, and assault when you’re taking too much damage.

Save cooldowns for burst damage and combos. AOE abilities and DOT damage make it hard for a medic to heal effectively. Save traversal a to doge mortars or get to a fleeing Hunter. And remember to sneak pounce lone hunters and gap close in combat if you run out of traversals. Post other tips here. Good luck monsters.

How do you win against the hunters? whats the basic strategy you use?
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Link to previous thread about sneaking. Go there for tips on the art of stealth.


Hmmm…not bad. Might come back to this for a project I’m working on


Does it involve bars?


Why thank you. Better credit me in your project though :kissing_heart:


Knowing him, it’s likely numbers, not bars. :wink:


My focus on who to down is whatever hunter is the weakest link then decide from there.


I try and make assault my main focus. Can’t exactly beat me if you can’t do dmg.


Honestly, I love your way. But I also pick at the weakest link.

I main Wraith and specialize in divide and conquer.
Now be a nice chap and try not to ‘own’ people, but be assertive. I mean, you do want to win. But my best advice is a good quick survey of the hunters. Lay down a few traps and assess their skill.
-You threw some birds intentionally. Did they hesitate or did they keep going in the direction you baited them?
-If you left a false trail, did they follow or sniff about? Did they go for a cut-off?
-Are they playing their roles correctly?
-Are they working as a team?

Be swift, but be precise and don’t hold off on your arsenal. You have tools, use them. Whenever you see that weak link, it’d be nice to hit it. Every advantage counts!

Oh, and if you’re good enough to down three hunters relatively quickly, be prepared for them to scatter. Hunters do that when they feel threatened.


Me personally I always try for a chain effect. I down one hunter then watch for someone to go in for revive then hit them hard one he has the revive and use the disorientation of revive to quickly get second strike on him with a possible one on the one who revived. However for order of who I target first depends on the hunters chosen and how good at dodging they are.


Except Assault has his own defensive capacity, personal shield, CC, healing and shielding…You will never down an Assault by outright focusing him against a good team…


I’m finding that the best strategy as monster is just to focus whoever is out of position instead of a specific class/hunter. though obviously as you move up divisions and play better players the less likely it is that anyone will be out of position.


Well that’s a given. Anyone who is low/ alone at the start of a fight is highest priority. I didn’t include that cuz I figure it’s common sense.


yeah, you would think wouldn’t you. I think they need to rename common sense as it’s not all that common


I find a tiny problem with that: What about Support or Laz? Both of them can go invis. So leaving them for last risks the chance that they’ll go invis and scatter and wait for the next drop ship.


If I’m staying in a fight I’ll force support to use loak first, then go for Laz.


That’s nice and good, but they’re more slippery than fish. By the time you’ve downed trapper or assault, support has his cloak back.


Of course I only do this when I’m stage three or ready to finish the hunters off, if not I’ll just try to get the traper down so I can continue to feed. A Sunny comp would be annoying though.


I was talking about as a starting point it obviously gets more complex with regard to the comp

basically speeking- support is a good target if he/she has shields
medic is a good choice if it’s laz
assault is actually not a bad choice if it’s cabot

something along those lines. I’m no expert by any stretch but I think that covers the basics


It does. All l a lot of it depends on situation. But honestly, Support can be more of a pain than medic at times. So putting support down is a pretty safe tactic in the long run. Having Trapper with a few strikes isn’t too shabby either.

Of Coste if there’s Jack, Lennox, Emet, Sunny, Hank, Cabot, Lazarus, or Crow on the team, things will be different.