Monster suggestion [ Elder Wraith]


This monster cannot attack, it can only pounce to kill wildlife or hunters

His 4 spells include

                    - Old decoy - Decoy does damage, grants wraith invisibility
                  - Confuse ray- Muddles the controls of the hunters, making their controls inversed            
                  -inversed Supernova-  Slows all nearby hunters allowing the wraith to run and hide
                      -Wind slash thing- Blasts away all nearby hunters surrounding the monster,
                                                 deals damage

SPECIAL -Pulsar cannon- At stage 3, the elder wraith periodically fire missiles that hone into the power relay, giving away his position and damaging the relay. The cannon cannot fire past a dome.

PS: his pounce does a shitload of damage so if it catches out lone hunters their done.


That way you can make the other wraith an assault rogue, while this wraith fills the position of the sneaky thing that some people love


Nice Idea, but where is the fun for the hunters? There is no fight so they wont be able to Deal damage to the monster, as there is no real fight.


Sounds like the hunters would spend most of their time fighting A.I or their own controls, which wouldn’t be very fun for them. Plus this Wraith cannot melee and only has 2 abilities that can actually deal damage, meaning it won’t be able to actually down hunters (much like 8.0 Wraith).



0/10 for balance.

0/10 for fun

This is way too unbalanced. There is no way hunters can win againt this monster.

Hunters too close? Just spam wind slash.

Want to FT3? Just decoy, cloak, and run. Then use homing missiles to destroy the relay without hunters damaging you.

Feel like trolling hunters? Spam confuse ray and inversed supernova.

A lot goes into balancing a monster, but there is no way this idea could be balanced. Messing with Hunter controls, exploiting FT3, and creating toxic gameplay mechanics is something no monster should have.


Uh no. Getting rid of melee gets rid of a lot of damage from her. Also getting any form of decent damage from a pounce, no matter the base attack, will not happen in combat whatsoever.

Also pounce is already very toxic in the community when spammed in mid combat cause it messes people up so it would end up being hated more than kraken and default wraith already are.


Only NO Wraith in the game is a good Wraith! Holy not a second one!