[Monster Suggestion] Basilisk


I’ve been wondering what the next- and future monsters are gonna be like. Made me think of all sorts of different, awesome, potential monsters. One of my favourite ideas was a full out stealth-type monster, with some sort of camoflage ability, appearance being snake-like, specializing in silently, slithering around the hunters, and elusively assaulting any hunter who may’ve strayed to far behind, picking them off one by one. So my questions to you are:

  • What kind of abilities would it have?
  • What would it look like (considering a snake-like appearance)?
  • How would it play (Unique mechanic, like Gorgon sticking to walls)?
  • Do you have any other ideas for the next monster/future monsters?

Thanks for participating in this discussion :slight_smile:!


@TheMountainThatRoars @ToiletWraith wouldn’t this belong in the monster suggestions thread?


It would but I’m not so sure. If it doesn’t get moved then I will participate in it


This is more of a discussion than a fully fledged monster. :slight_smile:


Ok then : P


Oh, there’s a such a thread? I didn’t know. I will move it imediately if a notice is made :wink:!


I wish we could move or close our own threads

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only mods can move threads :wink:


Ahh, i see. Well, feel free to share your thoughts.


Any sort of active camo ability would need to be handled carefully. Cloak was removed from hunters for being toxic, giving the monster that ability could make for unhappy hunters.


Ever play BO3? They could make it like Spectre’s Camo having a visible blur and once shot he goes out of it


I really don’t want to be that guy, BUT, TRS cannot/will not use our ideas. I know its dumb though :frowning:

The camo thing would have to be so balanced, that its UP in order for it to work. [quote=“The_Specialist, post:11, topic:92238”]
They could make it like Spectre’s Camo having a visible blur and once shot he goes out of it

“You seen my Work, It speaks for itself”

So annoying! lol


I respond with “Yea, and it sucks” :stuck_out_tongue:


That and “The 54 FUCKING Immortals crush all opposition”

Heard that so many times during the beta that I just muted it when that part comes


Well, that depends on how the ability will function. It could also be a passive, that would activate when the beast stands still and is sneaking simultaniously. Could be awesome if the texture of the monster’s skin, changed to that of the environment it was portraying/next to. So no blur, just like, a cameleon. Just like those pictures you see on facebook, saying: “You’ll shit bricks when you see it…” :smile:


hahahah ahh facebook

I love that idea, except, TRS said they can’t put a camouflage kinda thing in the game


Don’t forget “Get back to bootcamp”


“Step up if you want to get burned”


Basilisk sounds like it could use a petrification ability.


“I have become Death! Destroyer of scrubs.”