Monster Strategy for Abe/Carrion Birds?


If I understand correctly, Carrion Birds are NOT random. The chances of attracting Carrion Birds increase when: the Monster feeds on low meat critters or feeds far away from the Hunters, and when the Monster stages up. Correct?

I ask this, because I’m trying to better my Monster game against Abe. Those f**king darts ruin my day. I play a sneaky game, I don’t knock over trees that often, I don’t scare birds, I try to only feed on 3 meats and higher (since I read that the higher meat count = the less the chance of attracting carrion birds), yet I still seem to attract them no matter how stealthy I play. This of course brings Abe, and his Darts…

What can I do to circumvent this?


The friendly birds buff is the only 100% way to avoid this, even then that’s luck if it spawns on the map. I think you can kill them when they come though, which might reduce their chance.


If i remember correctly it has to do with you feeding in the same place for some time.You need to feed 2 times for example in a spot then run away and feed someplace else


Carrion birds are currently 100% RNG. There is literally no rhyme or reason for how/why they spawn. This is why a lot of high level monster players that would like Sneaking to be a viable strategy want them to not be RNG. Either no birds spawn within a certain time limit or it happens every X meat that you consume. This way it’s guaranteed at least once during your first Evolve to help prevent 100% sneak from being too good.


Ah thank you sir! However this does present a problem (one you touched upon)… Abe players/people who say he’s balanced say: “Well, Abe is hard to use because he cant beat a sneaking Monster, and if he tags the Monster then its because the Monster made a mistake or the Monster wasn’t good, etc etc.”
But if what you say is indeed fact, then the game potentially punishes a flawless stealthy Monster with Carrion Birds.


I feel like Carrion birds are overtuned atm, there’s little point to sneaking between how common carrions are and Daisy being so good. Doubled up with the meat nerf meaning there are more chances for carrion birds to spawn.


100% sneak too good


I just cant… LoL-ing so hard…


Its RNG you are fighting agaisnt, the best thing you can do is to minimize the chances of summoning carrion birds, that being said -> eat 3/4 meats wildlife, eat in proximity of hunters … other than that I would suggest you to avoid eating in bad spots where you could easily be pushed to a dead end.


I feel like the Abe - Caira combo is going to be really abusive when the game comes out :

-Stay in the middle of the map
-Wait for Carrion birds to show
-Adrenaline rush onto location
-Dome monster
-Keep tagging and running after him
-Hunters win !


Carrion birds appearing doesn’t garantee you 100% chances to land a dome.

Abe is strong, thats a fact but also hes the weakest of the trappers early game because he has no means to find the monster besides tagging wildlife … and tagging wildlife takes enough time to allow him to evolve to stage 2 and get close to full armor sometimes.


well if you split up in two groups and cover the potential exits you have a good chance of landing a dome to me. Abe’s tagging is really long, they should either reduce it to 30 or 25 sec or lower its refresh rate to every 5 secs.

Seriously I played Abe two or three times, once you spotted the monster once and tagged him, its like running after a bunny for 10 minutes, and he can never evolve in fear of getting instant-wrecked.


Ya I agree, tag time could drop to a reasonable 30 secs.

Still, the fact that hes bad at the start of the game still remains … I don’t think you want to aknowledge that.


I guess you can take Abe as the trapper with the balls, it is true you have pretty much nothing to track the monster since he will be far away before you even land on the map, so tagging the nearest wildlife won’t be really effective, and just following a track of corpses won’t help either, but if you manage to see the monster and tag it just once … He’s pretty much done if its before an armored stage 2 and thats what bugs me.

Maybe they should make an internal cd on the dart, like first shot is 30 secs, if you land another one before the first one is over, its only 20 seconds, and so on, and you gotta leave the monster free of the darts for 15 secs before doing it again that way it would prevent abusive tagging and infinite chases, but obviously, abe should receive a little buff to compensate, maybe on his shotgun damage or clip size for example.

Either that of something else, but I don’t want to go Benny Hill like everytime I get tagged by Abe at stage 1, it is not fun nor interesting.

EDIT : Another idea would be to make the dart gun only one bullet and then reload, as well as reducing its accuracy, to prevent abe from tagging from 200 meters away.

OR, you can make two modes, one for tagging which is as usual, to tag the wildlife, then you gotta use your iron sight to enter a “sniper mode” with high density tracking darts to track the monster, which need a manual reload each time you fire. There is a lot of ways to tweak this and balance it out.


They cant reduce the number of shots off the pistol magazine, they could make darts unable to refresh the timer … so you had to wait for it to fade off in order to refresh … they could reduce the tag time ofc … ya he might need some adjustments.

One thing Its been told by Devs, they are going to nerf his grenades agaisnt Kraken … probably they changed something else on the tag system that we don’t know yet.

Lets wait and see.


Yeah I noticed the kraken thing, I had to play monster on an already started game, and Abe was turning me into a giant slug, that was horrible, I had to push him back with the vortex or I was done for.

Fortunately I won with only one strike on the medic and 40 % of my health bar at stage 3, their mistake was to close onto me too much when I had Aftershock maxed out, I got two people down in one spell lol. They got too full of themselves because I was tranq’d + gravital 'naded ahah

I just hope Abe will be a bit more balanced in the near future because this capacity is way much stronger than the other ones, but on the other side, Abe has nothing more than that to track the monster, maybe they should find a new tool to add on his shotgun or on the tracking gun, while nerfing its duration of tagging.


Heres actually a good tip. Feed under roofs. I have noticed in caves and such that carrion birds don’t spawn if you eat under a roof. So if there is an Abe i usually get the big 4 meats and only eat small ones when I’m under a roof.

Pretty much this
Caves kill Abes tracking ability


interresting fact, can u test it?


I can confirm this. NEVER had birds when eating wildlife in a cave.


One more thing to add to my notebook.