Monster Strat Against Cheesy Hunters


From now on every time i play against sunny/caira/torvald/and abe or maggie i will play as wraith put three in decoy take ability rime reduction perk and sky wraith


Um, okay…?
Have fun I guess, not sure why you need to tell us.


Heh, I play a round as Goliath and if they are taking the “meta” team and playing the “hold dome till 2” strat, with plenty of pillar humping along the way, then I’ll just play Kraken the next round and kick some ass with a full aftershock build.


It’s funny- teams that abuse those strats suck against Krakens. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not even a good Kraken but he still works.


Same, I can’t fly very well at all but hey, if they’re gonna cheese it up I guess I’ll return the favor.


Try pillarhumping now, mate. I dare you. :stuck_out_tongue:


soo you will lose even harder? weird logic Oo


One does not simply skywraith without warpblast and abduction.
I smell it…I think it’s…salt.


great counter wraith strategy camp spawn