Monster stops moving



I’m trying to write this as calmly as I can, since i’m ******* furious. It’s the 3rd time, in the heat of the battle, that the monster stops moving and I can’t do anything but look around, write in the chat and crouch aka “stealth mode”. I want my lost streaks back because of that, because this is unacceptable. I repeat, this is the 3rd damn time. I’m not touching this game again until you fix this bug. Period


Hey @KilliKrate, we’ll be looking into this issue as best we can, though if you can provide details of what you were doing that may have caused this, it would be helpful.

If anyone has been experiencing this as well, please speak up and provide details as to what was going on. Videos would be best to see what was going on. Description of your actions may help in case it’s some weird input case like pressing too many things at the same time or something. That sounds like a terrible issue and we’d need to get a reproducible case to figure out how to fix it.


I was using the Behemoth, while domed. That’s preety much all I remember.