Monster stomping should send Hunters flying


When a monster does an Area-of-Effect damage like Goliath’s flying stomp, the hunters should literally be flying backwards with proper animations to support it. As of right now, you can still aim and fire even after being stomped as you fly backwards. The Hunters’ arms and legs rolling behind them if the attack was very accurate and hence should not be able to aim until they fall on the ground. No way a hunter should be able to keep a proper composure after those devastating AOE attacks.


more buffs for monsters TRS pls


I feel like this would be kind of broken if that was the case. The humans would hardly even be able to shoot the monster. Atleast when being hit by those abilities it makes it hard to aim at the monster and get those crucial shots off. I feel like the whole not being able to shoot until you land on the ground is just a little too much, I mean of course no human could aim if that would really happen but this would hurt the gameplay IMO.


personally id rather them stay right there. mostly used leap to stick onto the hunter i wanted to die. if they go flying i hafta leap AGAIN and they cud get away that way. keep them there so that final melee will drop them.


Hmm, maybe you guys are right,it will make the hunter’s life more difficult.