Monster still freezes


This bug is still around, and its giving players a tough time. I almost left the match because it thought I was going to take a loss by severe damage. Hope this problem gets fixed as soon as possible.


This bug still happens, Its rare but definetly not gone, I had the issue with goliath a couple of weeks and thought maybe its something on my end, but it couldnt be because everything else still moved around me, So about 2 days ago was playing against Wraith and same thing happened to him, limbs tuck in and he goes stiff until near death before he comes back, by then its too late.

I experience it slightly even just a short while ago, in pounce position ready to go for it he freezes up and gets hammered then just stands up straight, as if I was already getting screwed enough the game gives the hunters a helping hand which they didnt need