Monster start: Sneak around or rush for food?


Hey guys I am really struggling as Kraken or Goliath and would like to play as a monster that doesn’t feel easy mode. I watched streams and the good players seem to just run around straight away at the start and eat food quickly, rarely getting hounded or domed before stage 2. But of course there are benefits of stealth however if you take to long it’s a matter of time before hunters get luck and spot you.

What do you primarily focus on at the start? You like to go sneaky sneaky away from them or try and evolve ASAP.

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Depends on the monster you play and on the hunters and on the map
The kraken is the hardest to stealth with and the slowest of the 3 so I would recommend practicing with the goliath first.
If they have Maggie it’s important to put a lot of distance between you and her and you should only sneak if you see an opening (for example if they split up only 1 group will have daisy and you can try to sneak past the other one)
If they have another trapper sneak as much as possible and when the birds hit you get the fuck away and then sneak again.
If you are tracked stop sneaking and focus on distance
On small maps it can get tricky because of the supports (bucket, Cabot) you here you might want to eat and evolve ASAP


I focus on eating and evolving as fast as I can. Shortly after the release it was relatively easy for me to win as a monster but with hunter teams getting more experienced and/or organised it got harder (for me) to not get crushed.

Well, I am not the best monster anyways but I still have a lot of fun playing. I count every further round as practice.

Although I’ve got all of the monsters (Lvl 34 atm) I love playing Goliath mostly, then Kraken. The Wraith is a bit boring as a monster as well as a hunter.


I usually go sneaky, then perform a couple jumps to somewhere with a lot of food, feast, go sneaky, again. I also ALWAYS pounce the first wildlife I eat - need to keep HP at maximum.


This really depends on húters’ comp. If they have Maggie on the team sneaking at the start may lead you to an early dome in. You gotta be on the move with Maggie.

If they have Griffin it is probably a good option to neak since his sensosrs cannot detect you while you at it.

And if Abe is around your best bet is to mislead them right from the start and then sneak away. This should give you some time. And if hit by tracking dart you should run away, wait for it to wear of fand go into stealth mode again.


Best thing I can do for you is to direct you to my Monster Videos Here.


I always prefer sneaky, but if you’re facing an even halfway decent Maggie you have to eat and run. Daisy shuts down the sneak game.


Depends on trapper. If not maggie, draw footprints one way then sneak the other. Be aware of support detect ranges such as bucket’s UAV and cabot’s tag. If I can, I will always head to a 4 meat or multiple 3 meat area and kill that first. If you are kraken this is risky because they can hear/see your abilities from some distance.

If you are so lucky as to have them not find you before you’re close to evolving, a lot of the maps have wildlife you can eat within caves for that last bit of evolve meter. Sneaking to them ensures carrion birds will not spawn and you can safely evolve. Once they know where I am I move rapidly and eat along the way, regardless of birds. Build up armour stage 2 then engage.

In short:
Maggie = fast running/eating
Others = sneakier

Also be aware of the hunter’s viewpoint from the dropship. Don’t let them see you down a hill from a dropship. Especially when flying as the kraken you stand out. You’ve wasted all your sneaking if that happens.