Monster Stages and Stealth


When I first saw this game I thought it was gonna be a game about the hunters become the hunted and the tables turn. I feel like the hunters should have to actively hunt the monster early in order to prevent him from becoming stronger than them. Stage 1 should have the monster way weaker than the hunters. A group of two maybe even able to kill him. Stage 2 should be maybe equal to the hunters and Stage 3 should be a good bit stronger. The hunters should be punished for being passive, and rewarded for hunting him. I’m not sure I like how easy it is to see the birds take off. It feels like they should be something that only attentive hunters should see. Also the stealth element of the game seems to be absent. If there isn’t going to be a stealth element for all monsters will there be stealth centered monsters? So far on all the tournaments there has been no stealth at least from what I’ve seen. The hunters seem to respawn very quickly. I feel like they should only have a limited amount of respawns if any at all to reward the monster for splitting them up and picking them off one by one. This has just been a stream of thoughts that have come up since the streams have started, I hope they are taken into account for the final game, thank you for reading.


if you watched these tourney matches. most monster players get 2 stage 2 with maybe 1 confrontation. by sneaking and flying to be trackless. they havnt really tried to hide but theres a goliath match somewhere where he hid very well but a glitch on a jump gave his position away. trust me you can sneak if you want.


i’m really hoping that there’s gonna be a mode where the aren’t any of the hud indicators for birds and stuff.


The monster can be stealthy without having a clocking mechanism, he just needs to be extra careful. In regards to the birds, I think they are fine as they are, because the birds encourage the players playing the monster to be more aware of their surroundings. Unless I’m wrong, the re spawn timer is around 2 minutes. 2 minutes is quite a lot of time if you ask me and that is fantastic. Why is it fantastic? because it encourages players to play smarter, communicate better, be more strategic and punishes those who run in every time guns blazing with a hefty 2 minute benching. Even though the hunters re spawn quickly, I strongly believe that a good monster can take advantage of the situation when a hunter or multiple hunters are out for 2 minutes. If he kills daisy and the medic, then the other hunters should play more defensively. long story short, the game is not forgiving to those who do not pay attention. I and many others alike, love that about Evolve :]


Can Daisy track a stealthed monster? If so there would be little point in stealthing if Maggie was on the team unless you kill Daisy first. Or if you reach stage 3 and are preparing to assault the generator. As an aside if Daisy is killed can she come back (presumably on a cooldown?)

Also if the monster is tagged by Bucket, does that ever wear off?

As for having greater variance between power levels of the different stages, I can see there needs to be a balance. I don’t think the game should ever feel helpless or be impossible for the hunters once the Monster reaches the third stage, but I was a touch surprised at how the Monster has struggled the times I have seen it in its final form.


daisy can only smell in a certain radius, she comes back in the dropship with the rest of the hunters. all tags eventually go away.


Pretty sure daisy can be revived. If not then I’d assume she’d come back via the drop ship, so upon death she’ll be on a 2 minute cooldown. About the tagged by bucket, it fades after sometime.


I’m pretty sure that even a Stage 1 monster can take down the entire team if he’s more skilled than them.

So if there’s only three hunters Vs one monster, regardless what stage he is, the advantage goes for the monster.
In the same way, a good team could possibly take down a stage 3 monster with full armor…

By the way Daisy follows the nearest tracks and is slowly when following “stealth tracks”.


In the second day of the E3 tournament, primarily the first 2 games. We see ALOT of the Kraken using that stealth, and it’s sneak attack on wild animals, not so much on the hunters but I’m sure it will work just as effectively.


daisy just straight up smells the monster if they’re within a large range and runs right to them.


Breaks stealth based gameplay completely when the little bugger just walks right up to you no matter what…


First off - the game looks quite good.

I agree with the others who want a slower, more stealth based mode. Having watched the matches (particularly the ones with the QA team) - it appears that stage 1 lasts a very short time, and even stage 2 seems quite quick. Perhaps (in a separate mode) prolonging the early stages would help. Also the trapjaw seems to reduce the ability to stealth - it seems like you have to constantly be on the run (which is probably good for the main mode - but maybe could be removed/reworked a tad for a slower, more stealth based mode).

Just a few thoughts


Daisy only follows fresh tracks. So if you sneak and aren’t leaving tracks then she has nothing to follow. So instead she has a harder time finding you but eventually she will


I wonder how long she is uncertain for?

I remember one of the first videos where Goliath hid inside some kind of hollow metal cockpit type area (for a little while) and pounced on a hunter. That kind of sneaking and stealthing seems quite interesting. I am just worried that the trapjaw will always put you in a hurry to move (which is probably the design for the main mode). Sometimes in Left 4 Dead it is fun to just hold up in a building for a minute or two (and regroup) before moving on (ie. you can go at your own pace for a little bit of time).


You can kill daisy, and eat her (just in case…)

And I’m pretty sure that she will follow “the invisible tracks you made while sneaking” if there is no close visible tracks. But, she will do that slowly.


There definitely has to be a stealth monster at some point. Maybe a monster that can burrow underground for a little bit to escape hairy situations. And all monsters should be able to crouch and either remove their footprints for some period of time or reduce the glow of them significantly. I know that stealth is not the primary focus of this game, but I don’t want to see there not be any aspect of it in the game either. Especially with Daisy now, it takes away the finding/hunting of the player and does it for you. I think that Daisy should get sidetracked or distracted at points while she is tracking just so that people don’t rely strictly on Daisy alone and puts that hunting aspect back into the players and gives the monster a better opportunity to hide. A monster has a better chance of being stealthy playing against the original trapper w/out Daisy. Overall, I’m thinking enhance the stealth capabilities of the monster and keep Daisy the same, or make Daisy weaker and keep the monster’s stealth the same.


Oh, I’m glad to tell you that, because this game is well done, it’s already like you say !

All monster can “crounch” or “sneak” so that they don’t let footprints.

And Hunters cannot rely only on Daisy since she will be distracted by dangerous wildlife, and won’t go direct into the monster’s position but to nearest tracks.

By the way (I’ve repeated it hundred times today) if the “nearest track” is a “sneaky track” , she will be slower. By “sneaky track” I mean the totally invisible tracks a monster let while sneaking.
(I’m pretty sure of that)


Thanks for clearing it up for me then! I still think that a monster who focuses on stealth would be a good addition, maybe dlc or something.


I also think so too. If the last monster to be revealed isn’t stealth based then I really really hope a DLC once could be made


I read somewhere that when this inter view group played against the developers, in one match the developers beat the hunters as a lol one monster, and another match where the dev evolved to lol three ridiculously, so there are probably quite a few tactics that we only need to figure out