Monster stage 3


I noticed when Goliath reaches stage 3 he really seems to move a lot slower. As the monsters progress from stage 1 to 3 do they progressively get slower? Also does their melee damage also progressively get stronger as they stage up (by this I don’t no mean their special abilities because that of course does if you add more points to them)? Because I noticed wraith stags 3 isn’t that much of a difference than her stage 1, in comparison to Goliath’s stage 3 Which is much slower than his stage 1.


Nop its just the animation which “tricks” you.He is at the same speed.I asked the same thing about Kraken.Kraken seems to move slow compared to Goliath but they told me its because of Size and Animation.


Think of it like comparing a child to a basketball player. The child needs to make a lot of quick steps to keep up with a basketball player, whose long legs cover more distance with less movement.


I think he just looks like he is moving slower because he is bigger, I don’t think his movement speed changes.
I am fairly certain his melee attack damage increases when he evolves.