Monster Specific Key Bindings Please


Since each monster has 4 abilities, but each ability for each monster does not function the same. What I mean is you have some abilities that are click once to execute, others are either click to aim and click again to execute or hold to aim and release to execute.

The issue with this is some key binds cannot be held to aim, such as mouse scroll wheel up or down. So when you have say, ability 4, bound to mouse wheel up. This would be (IIRC) Vortex for the Kraken and Rock Throw for Goliath. Meaning your Kraken ability will work as it should, but the Goliath would not be able to hold the rock for aiming as if he could hold the button.

So from what I have noticed, you have to rebind your keys from monster to monster if you use mouse scroll wheels for bindings. However, if we could bind specific abilities to different keys for each monster, we can set the skills for each monster ability that does not have hold to aim to the mouse wheels.

Thank you for your time,


I would like to see something like this as well if possible. I would love to put Abduct on my Wraith on Mouse Button 4 (Your side thumb button) for instance.


Me too but first I must buy a mouse more buttons… :smiley:


Agreed. I already rebind my abilities to QERF but it would be a very nice addition to be able to set rock throw to Q but have lightning strike to F (for example).


Dont forget that E is for Evolving.


Even if we can’t rebind keys in Beta, theres ways to customize hotkeys via AHK


This is why I want a CFG :frowning:


I would like to be able to bind an action to more than 1 key.


The only problem with 1,2,3,4 is that if you want to put down some ability, like Leap Smash f.e. you can’t go forward because your middle finger is at 2 and can’t be simultaneously at W. And that’s the problem. I would prefer mouse with 4 buttons.


I can agree with that. I like my 4 button mouse for using skills. Although, I use only 1 button for the abilities and the other 3 are to mouse wheel up and down and wheel click personally.

But that is where the issue I have comes into play, mouse wheel cannot be held down to aim and some monsters abilities do not benefit from that at all.


I changed it to X and put the abilities to QERF. Monster specific key bindings would be great. I can set what I feel are similar performing abilities between different monsters to the same binding.


I’m afraid I don’t understand why that would be an issue. If you’re holding W, replace your middle with your index, and your middle is then free to move to 2, and bam. Suddenly no issue, no?


I would have to agree with Denny as in the middle of combat it is not always successful to move your fingers to different keys while maintaining efficiency/accuracy. In moving all fingers to new keys to hit one key then back to default position sounds like excessive movement. I prefer to not move my hand to a different position if I can avoid it.


Those who are familiar with Pianos, Guitars or any kind of instrument with unfixed hand positions have to learn proper Fingering Techniques to optimize their speed.

I look at games the same way. Unecessary hand transpositions do not help … no matter how irrelavant they seem … especially in high paced games where the nerves kick in and suddenly you lose focus of your inputs and you either use them a bit late or you misspress completely them probably costing you the game. You already have so much to worry and focus in this game, why would you want to handicap yourself even more?

The only acceptable keys I find to have easy access are:
edit: Q
Any other forces you to lift your hand slightly and thats not good.
We can also apply this to mouse users, If you want to find the ideal sensibility you need to adjust it so you can do a complete 360º in one swing without needing to lift the mouse off the mousepad.


Don’t forget Q


Yea I had mine to set to QERF for abilties, V is for evolving, c is for eating.

Hunter controls I kept the same just because it feels natural from FPS games and cycling equipment is different than having to use abilities constantly.


I agree with this. I personally do not use WASD, I use ESDF as that gives me extra keys to the left as well as plenty to the right as some games need the extra keys such as DayZ and Arma 3.

The other easy to hit buttons are of course on the mouse on top of all the keyboard keys.


I can get behind this idea as well.
I set abilities to QEF and middle mouse button, and I like middle mouse button for an ability which involves a hold-and-release where you can continue to move your character while holding (i.e., leap smash). On Kraken there is no such ability.
For Wraith, it looks like abduction is def a hold-and-release (though I don’t think you can move while holding it) and warpblast might be, and it might be possible to continue moving while aiming/holding. But the way things are lined up, I can’t have middle mouse do both leap smash and warpblast.

As for the hunters, I’ve gone with Q as primary weapon, 2 as alternate and F as the kit item (tranq/mines/soundspikes, etc.) I don’t love it, but it’s the best I’ve come up with so far because the cycling through just doesn’t do it for me, I need to hit one button and have the weapon I want come up.


I tried moving over to esdf instead of wasd for movement but it just felt awkward and I gave up almost instantly. That being said, I would like to revisit it some day as it allows a LOT more keys at the ready.


I played the alpha with my Razer Naga and it works SOOO well!