Monster sounds range?


Hey! Does anyone know how close the hunters have to be to hear the monster? And is there a difference for abilities, traversals or walking? I find it hard to know when I can start running if the hunters passed me.

Thank you!


Sneaking makes you pretty much un-audible unless you right next to the hunters, but that doesn’t matter because they’d see you before they heard you. Your smell range is 70 metres by default so if they’re out of smell range I would say it’s safe enough to run. There is a difference between traversals and abilities. Those three bars beneath the crosshairs are you stamina bars (there are 3 bars total) They tell you how many traversals you can perform. Some abilities can be used as traversals like leap smash, charge and warp blast.


Im not sure, but I think some abilities are louder than others. Kraken’s lighting bolt can be heard a mile away…


@MedicAndy Of course I know the difference between a traversal and abilities in general :smiley: I was curious if there is a difference regarding the distance hunters can hear those.

So you think footsteps can’t be heard from 70+ meters away? Do you think the footsteps of different monsters have different ranges? I feel like you can hear a walking goliath much better / from further away than a walking kraken, but maybe that’s just my imagination. And as @DRevD said, some abilities seem to be louder / can be heard from further away like lightning strike.