Monster... so many questions, are these the anwsers we have been looking for?

Along with everyone else who has played evolve i want to know the monster’s origin, why they are attacking, and most inportantly how do they change
Ive read through as many topics as i could about these things so here is what i think
The monsters are trying to kill the humans but the reason for this i still have no clue though most likely is that the monsters are trying to wipe out humans is because they see them as a strong threat
the monster’s evolution as we see in nest the eggs hatch into stage 1 goliaths, they most likely stage up and go into metamorphosis and might change into another species such as if the hive is running low on kraken’s it changes into a S1 Kraken, Stage up and then your playing that kraken in defend
And it has been said that the monsters are not native and im pretty sure i read this somewhere that they were on another planet that humans are on and that all the monsters have roles to play (pretty sure i read this on titans biomass theory) and that wraiths are used as the transportation, travelling to different planets are creating wormholes for the rest of the hive and then become scouts along with T5 Monster (though T5 wasn’t said as she wasn’t released then), krakens are the brains or i would think them monarch’s to the queen, behemoth’s are the guardians and Goliaths are Soldiers
What do you guys think
Feel Free to add on just on a separate post

we dont know yet

Sorry treacle, you’re assuming a lot there. I’m good with not knowing.

Also… this is covered in numerous threads regarding t5 monster being Basilisk etc etc. Matthew has already been quite active regarding these questions:


There are plenty of monster origins threads already created. Just use the search function in the top right and find one that already has a discussion going.