Monster Sneaking- Aesthetic Idea:


An idea I had, just for kicks.

When the Monster is sneaking, slowly diminish armor glow. So I’ll start off glowing like a Christmas tree but slowly become darker and darker. However, when you stand up again you momentarily flash much brighter before returning to normal.

The main reason I want this is so that I can sit in a bush, be perfectly dark and invisible, then stand up and suddenly be glowing and on fire. Surprise.

For kicks and giggles. I don’t know.


I think this would make an hilarious custom option. Friends wont expect you to be there, and then you appeared out of nowhere; in a light show of sorts.

Probably imagining this a little crazily though, I tend to do that.


That’s what I had in mind. I mainly want a way to really yell SURPRISE! since they can’t hear me.


I would love to fight a monster like that. Wraith explodes in pink, Goliath in red, Behemoth Orange, Kraken blue. Deal? ^.^


Also Goliath is engulfed in flame, Behemoth sprays magma, Kraken lets off electricity and Wraith does Wraithy stuff. Deal, Shinny?


I’m guessing the intensity of the flash depends on the armour level then?


You are correct.


The only issue I have with this would be that, as a Stage One Monster on close to full armour, in a situation where the Hunters are closing in on you and you need to make some fast manoeuvres to escape, you’ll be giving yourself away and you’d be potentially looking at a Stage One dome.