Monster slides/glitches forward several meters


Hi guys. Sometimes when I’m attacking a large wildlife ill suddenly skip/warp around like I’m sliding across the terrain very fast then end up back where I was.

I can’t think of a better way to describe it.

playing as goliath
new trap map


Also experiencing this. Only have goliath unlocked so far and cannot comment on the other monsters.

It seems to happen very often when I chain commands together. I.E. Leap (traversal, not power) + spamming melee before I land hangs goliath up like he is still falling but he’s clearly on the ground and not moving forward. Its like he hits an invisible wall and the animation hangs. The melee attack will sometimes go off 2-3 seconds later or not at all. And sometimes he will slide randomly in mid air back and forth before returning to his original location and the animation finally resolving.

Super annoying and never happened once during Beta.

Please look into; I can fraps it if needed.


Having the same issues pretty often. I lose track of the monster as soon as I see him. didn’t play beta so I was sure. he also seems to go into a “ghost” mod. its been driving me crazy. this is on Xbox one for me. Please fix


I made a topic on this earlier also. I guess its a known glitch so hopefully its fixed soon


I have experienced this in matchmaking and solo playing as the kraken.