Monster Skins!


Curious as to how many and what kind of skins are going to be in the game. Customizable skins, etc. Any thoughts?


methinks you will like this thread:

hunters will also be getting elite skins, which will be unlocked by maxing out their progression.


I would love to an array of separate skins unlocked in different ways! Even skins that could be bought, but I think the chances of customizable skins are fairly low, even though they would be pretty kewl.


thanks mayne


im hoping for a little variety, the magma skins look awesome, same with the elite skins. An albino skin with black eyes would be boner producing 8=D


Where can you view these magma skins?



ooooOOOOooo AAAAAaaaahhh

still like the krakens default


Wraith looks amazing, but… I don’t like Goliath or Kraken with those skins.


Goliath one I will never use cause Savage. Kraken I will use because no other for Kraken. Wraiths I will DEFINITELY use!


gold and black skin? o_O money money money monayyyy


I don’t know if this has been covered in any of the other forums but will the Magma Skins be available separate from the Hunting Season Pass once the fourth tier of Hunters become available or are they exclusive to those who purchase the Hunting Season Pass solely even after the fourth tier Hunters are released?


Well I saw separate options to buy any one of them on the Xbox One store, not sure about the other platforms though.


In that case it should be the same accross the board, even if it’s just a timed exclusive for Xbox One (I’m a PS4 user myself). Thanks! :relieved: