Monster Skins Armor Colors?


Can the monster skins give them alternate armor glow colors like Kraken’s Bog skin does for him?

Wendigo = Blue

Carnivore = Red

Bog = Green

The skins are awesome but maybe have the color of armor change with it. Adds a bit more flair to them.

Also is Kraken’s eye color supposed to change with the skins, or are they supposed to remain that lightning white color?


Didn’t realize it did that, all the skins are a bit overpriced so I hadn’t gotten any yet. Though I might get the bog skin now.


Actually, they do in some ways.

Magma changes Wraith to red and some of Kraken’s to red (Some are blue), and Bog changes Kraken and Wraith to Green. I wish they left them the original color, but for people like you i’m sure it’s nice.


I wish Wendigo had a bit less red to it the Blue is mainly on the back whilel the claws and belly are a bright red colour