Monster skill points bug


entered a random game on ps4 as wraith, ate got to stage 2 and i only had a total of 3 skill points the stage 1 points disappeared, before i used all 3 points i pressed triangle button to undo and nothing happened still a total of 3 skill points

then evolved to stage 3 and got 4 points now a total of 7 skill points only at stage 3 :frowning: lost 2 points lol

talk about playing a over nerfed wraith and i still managed to win XD

just letting u devs know that bug is still there


It took me a few minutes to realize you were talking about skills :stuck_out_tongue:


lol yeah, well i thought it didnt need explaining >.> its not like there are other points ? :stuck_out_tongue:


I tip my hat off to you, sir/madam.


the sad thing is i like goliath alot, but im afraid my best char is wraith :cry: why is life cruel


I love both Goliath and Wraith a lot. Lots of fun to play.


Well, in evac you get points, but it seemed like awful small numbers you were talking about!


I love how mentioning the Wraith and saying the word “nerf” or “OP” has become a way to attract forum-goers, even if the thread has nothing to do with it.


Usually when I see those I just ignore them. I’ve seen enough Wraith threads for ten lifetimes.


im just listing a bug :stuck_out_tongue: im just pointing out having a total of 7 skill points is kinda a nerf lol


I joined a random game as behemoth putting me right next to the hunters who had just recently dropped. Then when i reached lv 2 it took all of my previous lv 1 skill points away. I had only three points to use and so i went rock wall. It was just one thing after another. I of course lost that game, but it hurts pretty badly knowing there was nothing I could of done to win.


put what system it occured and yeah i feel you pain :frowning: this just happened to me 2xs already in my last 2hrs of gameplay


I bet slim stole them by shooting you with his sucking gun… he sucked your skill points right out…

Joking aside, yeah. See if you can provide any details as to why it might have happened, and try to find a correlation.


soo far is joining a random game at stage 1 as monster, exactly when the match starts down to the last second at 0:00 time