Monster should be able to destroy the dome if trapper escapes it


I am now beginning to see more and more players attempt to dome me and escape the dome but most fail. the others that due succeed only get a one minute to find a good hiding spot because I will be out for their blood.

That aside I believe that the dome should be destroyable if the trapper is not inside.
An example could be, if the trapper is not inside, the dome has only 2000hp, allowing the monster to pound his way out while the trapper runs screaming.


i agree with the busting its way out but the busting out should only be in effect when the trapper is not present inside of the dome because this is an ingenious strategy that isn’t easy to pull off but it isn’t fun on the monster side.


Many have said it, but I think if the trapper is not in the dome the dome should just come down.


Doming the monster is just TACTIC.

Getting domed as monster isnt an invitation for dinner…


It should just go down if the Trapper exits the radius. That’s a clever exploit, not a feature. Like pre-patch Wraith being able to escape domes from any distance, the Trapper is not supposed to be able to “escape” their own Mobile Arena, or its not an arena anymore, and it requires specific terrain to do so.


As monster extending the game to 40 minutes when it was basically won at 10 minutes is also TACTIC


But…but…it is so much fun to dome the monster and teleport out in rescue via the teleporters from Wraith Trap…We sure did rofl lmao for quite a bit…I bet the monster wasn’t too happy…


i was just about to mention the teleporter map buff. yah beat me to it x3

but for example if the trapper leaves and the dome gets insta dropped what happens if the trapper gets punted into the teleporter? and that will take out the strategy of trapping the monster in and porting out so your team can do the objective. still though the monster should be able to break out if the trapper is not in the area but not insta end it.


Dome should simply go down if trapper is not inside of it.


Already being discussed here:
The trapper domes then gets out and leaves me in


The trapper like.


This happened to me the other day and I lost simply because of the timer running out and not being able to finish the last trapper off cause I couldn’t get to him… That was the first time I actually raged at evolve… I do agree the dome should go down if the trapper isn’t in it or at least disable jet packs or something for like 5 seconds so the trapper can’t get out. Idk that is the only problem that really makes me mad, this is a problem that needs to be fixed


I think being in the dome should count as in combat, so the timer pauses.

That is the only change I think is needed, so you can wait out the dropship, but it won’t burn the last 2 minutes away pointlessly.

I have never been defeated by the dome trap, and removing it would make survival of the trapper hopeless, rather than just difficult and prone to failure.


No, monster should be able to kill the trapper before he escapes! Otherwise, good on the trapper for pulling that off, it’s not easy.

However, I question whether a monster should lose because he’s trapped in a dome and the time runs out…I wouldn’t mind if they made the timer pause anytime the dome is up.


This has become a easy feat with sunny now. Jet pack boost.