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You have all spent thousands of hours combined on Shear!

&& I would LOVE to see the shenanigans you’ve experienced so far! – for prizes. :smiley:

WHAT: Let’s share some sweet stories / screencaps of epic moments! – I know you have some! (This includes both Evolve & Evolve Stage 2!)

These moments can be funny, embarrassing, badass, mysterious, confusing, frustrating, scary – the styles are endless!

WHEN: This event starts now! – & ends at 12 AM PST on Monday, July 11th!

PRIZE: The person with the most “Likes” for both screenshot or anecdote will be the winner of a sweet Evolve Sanshee shirt! (see below)

I look forward to seeing all of your awesomeness!

Commence the challenge!

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WINNER: @Torvald_Stavig



Thank you for all you do on Shear! :slight_smile:

Evolve has brought great memories


Yo, pin this?








I got a video at home that needs uploading. @CptBoomBoom and @Terry_Locke already know about this.


Wow, just realized in 300+ hours of Evolve Gameplay, I don’t have any particular event that sticks out in my mind…
I’m gonna have to think about this.

Edit: Oh, I have one clip I’m pretty proud of. Total reversal on a game that was almost lost. Wraith trap map. The entire team except for the Medic was dead. The Behemoth ( silver level 2 Monster, ) was pounding at the Relay with some armor and over half his health. The team a mix of sliver lvl1 and bronze level managed to fight back. Assault Parnell (me) 2 strikes, Support Sunny 2 strikes and a bot (because that guy had ragequit), Trapper Maggie (Fayth) 1 strike, Medic (Aryx) Val No Strikes.

The Monster had to choose between chasing down Val the Medic or going after the relay, about 40 seconds on the respawn clock and he chose the relay after giving up on Val, giving me and the rest of the team enough time to drop in.

Match was into heavy overtime, lasted 26 minutes, a minute 26 left on the battle clock, so neither team backed down. It was a fight to the end. I managed to turn things around with my Parnell, managing to do enough damage to win the match. Big props to the Medic that kept themselves and me alive long enough to turn things around. It was down to the wire, real teeth clenching stuff.

See video below:


This screenshot ain’t much, but it’s actually me hiding from the hunters, they were so close in fact I was above them, but they couldn’t see me at all :smile:


I think I might have one

I remember the first time I played evolve, I had been watching videos for weeks, learning everything I could about this game. I was never more excited for a game in my whole life. The first time I got the game for my birthday, I couldn’t control my excitement, but soon that excitement turned to fear. First game. Monster. I was freaking out, it was 4v1, and I had never played. Would I get my ass handed to me? Would it it be a close game? After a very stressful, amazing first game, I reached stage three and somehow did it. I won. No clue how, but that was the start of my evolve journey, and that journey still continues now stage 2, just waiting for Xbox!



There are two events that stick out in my mind. Both involve me and a player I frequently team up with on Xbox. The first involves him as Cairo and me as Abe taking down an Elite Kraken while our Assault died to a Tyrant outside the dome, and our Support was 200m away. It consisted of a heavy Medic focus, Adrenaline Field running around a pillar, and Stasis Nader slowing the Monster, all while shooting the beast in the face. It was hilarious, it was heart pounding, the Kraken was probably raging, and it is my favorite story to tell.

The second was me as Val and my friend as Maggie fighting a level 40 (but not Elite) Kraken, as our (in party) teammates were putting hats on Bucket sentries using Mark over mines. Since been patched. Between tranqs, traps, and luck, we weren’t downed even once. We also managed to take out a little more than half his health with just Medic and Trapper.


It took me at least 40 Minutes in 3 rounds for Arena with Goliath

Val, Hank, Maggie and Markov are RUTHLESS I tell you!

Every time I did damage, there was the shield burst and then Medic heal burst. It recharged so quickly I didn’t know what to do, but it’s stage 2 and I have to realize I need to go after the Support now and not the Medic…lesson learned


One night two of my friends brought their xboxes over and we played all night. We tried to make ourselves into Ninja Turtles that night-

Or the time I caught Crow doing yoga-


I still think this was pretty cool! It’s super short to watch too! (like ten seconds)

@Shaners does a short video count?

Also I don’t have a pic or anything but I got a game breaking glitch as meteor Goliath. The entire screen turned brown, I was playing blind and I still pulled out a stage two win!


Most likely I won’t win, but I will try.

I got off two close Abductions as Wraith. One was on Laz, the other was on Markov. The Markov one changed the outcome of the fight.

Original video (Will post edited later):


Yo, so this one time, I was Wraith. I think the map was…weather control? Anyway, it was during the challenge a while back where we could win Frostbite Wraith. I got domed at S1, so I fought. I try to abduct one of the hunters, but I miss; and I get the glitch where Wraith freezes in abduction mode; so I’m stuck there, unable to move, and the hunters just kill me as I’m sitting there laughing my ass off. My deepest regret is that Abe didn’t jump on my head and start dancing around. So sad.


In stage 2 I, Maddcow, and 2 other guys were in a party facing a guy who was playing Gorgon on Weather Control.
Me bring me, I healed when I could but often I would just tranqs and use the sniper rifle from afar instead of healing. In the 2nd or 3rd dome our assault got his 2nd strike because I was sniping Gorgon who was in a cave instead of healing him.
Anyways he got to stage 3 with considerable health damage and both assault and I had strikes. We’re at the relay and by God that spreading spider. That spider would get me, carry me off, and then Gorgon would instantly kill me. For the last 3rd of the game I basically wasn’t there because of that darn spider. Eventually Gorgon was below 1 bar of health but everyone but Madd died and being him kept running around placing harpoon traps. But even he couldn’t escape amd we lost with Gorgon barely under 1 bar of health.


One I remember fondly was I was playing Kraken on Weather Control and I needed to find the surviving support. I flew straight into a rock pillar by mistake and it launched me across the map on top of the hunter. That was the day I chose Kraken as my favorite.