Monster sense reduced each evolve


I think as the monster evolves his sense ability should be reduced a significant amount. I’m also curious if there’s modes where sense can’t be used. I think nest mode would be great for this, allowing players to sneak around a little better. Possibly make it a perk or an abilility of a new hunter :smile: I can’t imagine how much fun and how many ideas were thought up making this game!


No if anything the sense should be heightend with each evolution you shouldn’t be punished for evolving.


in nest mode? where hunters have everything hilighted and pointed out for them to just stroll up too and start going HAM on an egg? i think not…

there is no reason to reduce smell range for monsters as they stage up… its not even that large an AoE to begin with.


Of course most people would think that, but usually when something becomes so dominant it no longer needs to rely on such things. The monster becomes stronger, faster, and more agile, in turn in evolution he would probably stop depending on his sense more and more.


It would be perfect for nest mode. You would still know where they are by what egg they are attacking. Hopefully We can make those changes in custom games, I can see it being a big hit!


It may decide to use it less, but when evolving in the game it’s the hunters job to put a stop to you before you get stronger. If you get punished for evolving what’s the point it’s giving the hunters slack for not doing what they should be.


It’s not like the monster is being punished. When the match begins the hunters are stronger, but I’d say at the disadvantage in tracking v sense. Stage 2 even playing ground. Stage three, now the monster is stronger, but the hunters are able to better use their surroundings as cover without the monsters sense (they now become the stealth player). This won’t matter too much in the end as the monster can go straight to the relay, but it could buy you time for another drop ship. This way the match does a complete tilt in all aspects.


First of all, smell is needed in battle so that you can see where they are.
Second: Smell is needed to find wildlife for armor.
Third : Monster doesn’t need more things against him. It’s hard enough to win as a monster now.
Fourth: No one would go to stage 3 becauseof this.
Fifth: It could potentially break the game.


I don’t think you understood. This happens at stage three.

First-wouldn’t be problem until stage three, and not many people use sense in combat since you can see them already

Second- you don’t need to find wildlife at stage three necessarily, but if you want to armor up its easy to find it without sense or limited sense

Third-the monster really doesn’t have much going against it

Fourth-would be the exact same as it is now

Fifth-no it wouldn’t


I understand this. Every one if my points relates to stage 3. Even at stage 3 you need to get armor. The best way to get armor is to find animals which is found best by smelling. Also what about the increase smell range perk? Would that have no effect or would it allow a small smell range at stage 3? If this was a toggle feature, no one would use it.


I started my post with having limited smell range in stage 3, but also said no sense in another post. I’d rather stick with limited. The thrill of being the last one alive if the monster decides to chase you instead of destroying the relay point would be intense if you could elude him, flying up on a rock and watching him search as you wait for the drop ship.


I’m all for creative ways to nerf the monster, but I don’t know if modifying the constant, baseline smell range as a game progresses is the way to go about it. I think it’s a good thing to have a few values like that which are standardized unless modified by a perk or buff.


I’m not looking for ways to nerf the monster, I’m looking for the thrill of being a helpless human once he’s stage 3 and managing to escape. A feeling of being hunted without the player knowing exactly where I am. Like escaping him in losing battle only to remain in a fairly large sense proximity.


But you are nerfing the monster. By a lot. Although it might be thrilling for the hunters if they escape, it’s very frustrating when you can’t find the hunters because of lack if smell. You need to look at these ideas from both perspectives.


The thing is, at stage three you’re going to stay near the relay since he can just destroy the relay point. As it is right now, the monster just kills the team near the relay if they are there. If he tried killing the last person, but lost track of them it would buy time away from the relay or enough for a drop ship. Some people get caught up in just wanting to kill the team instead of destroy the relay, and this would be to counter those people for not going for the end game as well.

The monster has two advantages, being stealth in the beginning through the end of a match if he wants, and also strength at the end. The hunters only advantage is strength in the beginning, I’m thinking giving them a stealthier feel towards the end would come across more even.
Monster advantage
Stage 1 stealth, tracking
Stage 2 stealth, tracking
Stage 3 stealth(not needed)/damage

Hunters stage 1
Stage 1 Damage
Stage 2 Even Match(only damage)
Stage 3 None ( this is where his reduced sense comes in)

Overall the monster is mostly at the advantage.


Actually the hunters have a big advantage. They have multiple people to be killed. Thayer can respawn. They have range and different tools to kill the monster. Also not all players go to the relay. Some monsters spend time away from the relay to get armor or heal after getting the health regeneration perk. Some monsters are caught by the hunters away from the relay and have to fight. You can’t look at what you or a few other play like. There are multiple ways to play this game. This limits gameplay.


I haven’t once thought of it as a way I play, it’s always been thought of around how everyone played.


But it isn’t. Some people are chased by the hunters and caught by them while evolving. So that monster not only has no shield but has barely any knowledge of where the hunters are. You can’t think about the main game. You need to think about the small things. Things that change gameplay. What if there is a gamemode like the regular hunt but has no relay? Then the monster had to search for the hunters while the Hunters are looking for the monster. Small things.


This is my game mode for this


Hunters are sent to repair a power relay and there’s been 3-5 drops (equipment for repairs) on the map, but due to weather or a miscalculation the drops ended up in different spots on the map. The drops are equipped with a cloak and homing beacon, this way the monster can’t camp them and the hunters have pings on the map. The monster would be without his sense ability. To keep the monster from camping the relay there should be a safe zone, either a large cloaked area that hunters can go into but it also allows them to choose an exit without being seen, or maybe the only successful drop was large auto turrets that deal heavy damage to the monster. Feel free to tweak or add, just throwing crap at the the wall.


First if all this us random and not needed.
Now I see several problems. The idea of the supplies bend clocked sounds nice but makes it to difficult for the monster to fight. Leading to a boring round. Also the large field that protects the monster needs to go. That would make it impossible to fight if tg re hunters camp there and win. The smell ability is worse here because how w I’ll the monster find food? Also if the oxes are hidden then why take away the monster’s smell?