Monster selection


Possible future patch option not to play as monster. Seems every evacuation match I play is a monster.


Yeah matchmaking prioritizes to 4-man parties to find a match against.That’s why.If you got no friends to party with and avoid that i’d say just wait for matchmaking fixes.


Everyone is more forgiving during the initial week or weeks, but people are going to be shelving this game if this problem isn’t addressed.

I bought the game for my son’s birthday because he wanted to play as the Monster but with the exception of 3 games over the course of an entire day, he was chosen as Hunter. All this while, as posted above, someone kept getting stuck with the Monster.

Because TRS has gone to the trouble to make great AI, this is completely unnecessary.


  1. Allow us to click an “exclusivity” box, and thus make us wait (if necessary) until a spot is open on a team we want to play on rather than force us to play on the team that we don’t want to play on. Better yet, don’t make us wait, start the game with bots and let remaining positions be filled as gamers join mid way through.

  2. Create a queue so that gamers can see that, if they really want to play as the monster, they have been placed in line and will have to wait until a spot opens up. First come, first served.

How is it possible that in a game where the experiences are so completely different depending on which team you are on, we are not allowed to choose what that experience will be?