Monster Selection (BUG REPORT)


Locked in as Gorgon, loaded in as Meteor Goliath. Sucks cause it was a guaranteed loss cause I suck with Goliath. :confused:


Thanks for the report! We’ve seen this reported a few times and are already working on a fix!


I’ve just had locked in as Kelder, it said I was going to be Met Gol in the Vs screen, and then I was Kelder in the match.

Is this the same issue or slightly different?


I think this bug isn’t limited to just monster. I played a couple games earlier today where a teammate would complain that they didn’t select the character they’re currently playing.


Yup, same issue.


Yes, this can also happen with hunters.


Does it appear different to the Hunters? Like, on the load screen do they see you as Kelder who you chose, or Meaty?


Not sure if it helps, but I just experienced this bug twice in a row.

Locked in as Wraith got put in as Meteor Goliath.


My experience with it is you choose your hunter and go through the skin screen and the perk screen then it shows the character you chose on the load in screen. After that you boot into the game and you character is different possibly perks too. EX: I chose Griffin with movement speed, reload speed, and jetpack recharge and when I booted in as Abe my bullets were doing poison damage which I didn’t have as a perk or pickup from wildlife.


It appears as though if a free to play player is in the lobby all players get treated as such and default to the characters currently in rotation for that week, even if they do the tutorial and select Markov/Goliath.

Was playing as a 4 man founder team and every time a free player joined we lose our choice of hunter and defaulted.