Monster seems over powered!?


So I’ve been playing the Evolve beta since Thursday and I can’t help but think the monsters are severely overpowered. Even for a team of experienced hunters like me and my friends ( we are all above level 15 ) playing we still have lots of trouble taking down a player controlled monster. If the monster decides to single out one person, let’s say the support, the team will die. Without the supports cloak and shield the team will obviously take damage. The monster will presumably then go after the medic and once those two are down that’s it. Game over. Trapper has no defence capabilities and assault would just get mauled attempting revives. I think the hunters need a serious health buff or something because its just not enough. If anyone agrees with me get this thread noticed so turtle rock can see our concerns.


Another one of these threads.

GitGudM8. <_>


I won the majority of my matches as a hunter. All but 2 of those matches were with randoms (the other 2 with a single friend who never played evolve before)

I’m not sure what you’re doing wrong, but monsters don’t seem OP to me as long as you have a slightly decent team.


We are good. Me especially. I’m 8-0 as the monster yet as hunter we always lose. Hunters just need a health buff.


Well, I can understand mocgage. The Monster are at the momentary piont to strong. I personally have a 100% win rate with the Monster and never had a really close game.

The Monster can just escape too easily in dangerous situations, as well as regenerate armor after a fight.

I don´t wanna say that there aren´t strong Hunters out there, but in my opinnion if good players play, I´m sure the monster will win most of the games right now.

So I can agree with the fact that the Hunters shoud be buffed a little or the Monster should be nerved.

But the game right now is just in Beta and the developers do a great Job with integrating the Community, so I hope they´ll balance the game well.

At the end one has to say that there are different modes in the final game and we don´t know how these modes will have impact of the game.

(Sorry for my english)


Lol your English was fine. And I agree, and monster Nerf or hunter health buff would be great!


Sounds like the monsters you go against just have a decent strategy. As a monster I always attack Hank first to get rid of his shield projector, then like you said the medic followed by assault and trapper. It honestly just sounds like you need a better hunting strategy.

As a hunter if it comes down to 2 people run in opposite directions the monster will have to pick one while the other hides. I’m primarily a support player and almost always use cloak as soon as I’m downed to give my team that run away option. Also it’s not an option for everyone but if your playing with friends pick Lazarus if you’re struggling. He can revive dead hunters which is a huge help and most monster players hate him because of that.

Edit: To add to this a little What stage were you fighting the monster?
Stage 1: Hunters have an advantage
Stage 2: The fight is even
Stage 3: The monster has the advantage
From what I’m reading on the forums most people think stage 3 is where its balanced. The monster should seem a little OP in this stage and the Hunters need a better strategy then.


Edit: To add to this a little What stage were you fighting the monster?
Stage 1: Hunters have an advantage
Stage 2: The fight is even
Stage 3: The monster has the advantage
From what I’m reading on the forums most people think stage 3 is where its balanced. The monster should seem a little OP in this stage and the Hunters need a better strategy then.

I agree that the monster should have an advantage at Stage 3, but if you play the Monster it´s way to easy to get to Stage 3 without taking red damage.

So to fix this problem you propably should nerv the Speed of the Monster at Stage 1 + 2. Cause this is my biggest problem. You can escape way to easy with it and the Hunters can´t catch up. And even when you split your team, the monster just knock you down at Stage 1 when it finds you alone.

To come to a piont. The way to Stage 3 shoud be harder for the monster.


That is the goal for the hunters. To ultimately prevent the monster from reaching stage 3 but if he/she reaches it making it as difficult as possible. Majority of my hunter wins were from stage 1 and 2 monsters. Another mistake I see game after game is hunters follow the monster. If you follow the tracks it’s almost a guarantee you wont get an early win. you need to cut off the monster since it is faster than you. Here is a dev strategy posted in another thread:

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Man, hunters are harder once you’re level 25+

Making me try to kill them. Damn them!


It’s funny how I keep reading threads about both monster and hunters being overpowered. I feel like the game is pretty well balanced from what I can say! And I would prefer if Monster had better winrate compared to Hunters to keep the game exciting.


The games we lost as hunters were usually on fusion plant.


Monsters got pretty nerfed since the Big Alpha. They seem pretty balanced now with a few things that should probably be given to the Monster to deal with the amount of healing that is on atm.


Lol, Monsters OP??? What kinda crack are you smoking on?? I hit Stage 3, killed Support, Medic, Trapper and then the Assault, before any of them however I took out that pain in the ass mutt. What happens, CONTINUOUS REZS the to Lazarus, but WAIT! You kill a hunter twice, and the third time they have to wait on the Drop ship. Well FIRST off, good luck KEEPING THEM DEAD. with the OP HEALER in the party. Sure, you could switch your rotation and take out Support first…lol, g’luck with THAT.

And even when I DID make my way to the Power Supply, the Trapper throws up a shield to keep me OUT, yet THEY have the Assault rez, drop in, and run to it. So I’m trying to take the generator down, meanwhile, due to the previous fight, my ALREADY low health (my armour is gone at this point) is dropping faster than ANY chance of me buying this pixelated high blood pressure, anger inducing frustation fest! Needless to say, I die, and 2 of them are left with 1/4 health. Monsters OP…LOL, only if by OP you mean Oppressively Pathetic.

Trust me, this is not just my opinion alone, but many others on my friends list have similar…issues. I’m sure I’ll get the random “L2P”, or half wit comment such as that, it being a public forum, I kinda expect it, but…w’ever. I personally hope they address the issue.


I definitely agree the monsters are overpowered. Although some of the reason is lack of teamwork, the monster is just too strong and I feel weak when im a hunter because of this even when playing with friends


Guys the monster or the hunter are not op doesn’t matter which side your talking about. The thing is about why the monster seems to be op is the way to play the monsters is more straight forward compared to the hunters. The way the game was designed was a 4 vs 1 match. This means that every player on the hunter side actually has to work with everyone else, if you don’t then the monster is going to win every time. The game actually requires hunters to work together in all aspects, it doesn’t matter how good you are your self it matter how well the team works. I happen to be a monster player and it really is pretty straight forward on how you play. The better players have more in depth stuff that allows them to win fights against good hunter teams but it’s the hunters that are the most complex out of the two sides. Each hunter has the abilities to save the other hunters, support with invisible, medic with health and revive, trapper with harpoon shots and domes and assault with mines, nades, and a ton of damage. The trapper can aid the team in those harpoon trap and shots to stick that monster in one spot also the sound spikes and stasis nades. Sound spikes to keep track of the monster in the heat of battle. The support has the group invisible ability that can get people out of the monsters wraith, also the uav too keep track of the monster in battle of when he is on the run, and not to mention that orbital barrage which keeps the monster from eating bodies and off of the generator when he is stage 3. The medic i think is pretty obvious on how it aids the team throughout the game. The assault has these mines that in combat you can place on the ground for hunter to retreat to when the monster is on them. If the monsters keeps going after them they will take lots of damage trying because of that mine. Another thing that they have that’s similar is the poison nades which do damage to the monster when they go in them and also gives them a bit of cloudy vision so a hunter can slip away. Lastly they have all the damage they can deal so much to the monster it isn’t funny, ya the monster can just ignore them but if they do and focus another hunter the assault should always try to make that monster regret that decision as much as possible by dealing tons of damage to them. The whole focus of the assault class is to force the monster to not ignore them or they will pay.


Ask SEVERAL people here, I was a driver of the “OP Bus” a few weeks ago, nope, wrong, there isn’t any imbalance. Unless you are referring to the play level of people. I will be “that guy” and coin a phrase that I use to be, like…seriously? L2P Brah.

The game has bugs, YES. THAT I will agree with till the Krakens come home, but, the problem isn’t with one class being “god” mode over any other, I personally took some time, after taking a break from the game and getting consistently wrecked, and did mad research on EVERY class, and EACH monster. Learned, and am still learning all I can, and my W/L avg has drastically improved.
The problem I had was being put into parties with players that were new, no mics, determined to make bone headed moves over and over, and were dragging ME down. Then, as monster, I’d get competent, skilled players, who actually worked together lol. Took me some time to realize 1+ hardhead =loose, but I eventually did. So now I’m putting together a group again. The last one I was in, we had ONE loss in a solid 7 or so hours of playing, and that was honestly on me lol. Just goes to say, Skills get kills. And yes there were some VERY close games.