Monster scenario/environment advantages


i would just like to see the monsters have an advantage in certain situations or environments.

for example, the goliath would (hypothetically) have an advantage in mountainous, high ground situations, were he could maneuver and dominate the hunters.

and then the kraken should obviously have an advantage in a pond or a lake area. (his name is KRAKEN).
mostly because his main forte is electricity, which spreads strongly through water.

do you guys have any ideas like that?


Well this is in the game “kind of”. Kraken can fly over the water and the hunters are forced to swim which makes them unable to shoot and move more slowly.

Also high ground benefits all the monsters as they can all climb and the hunters will require full jetpack charges to reach spots the hunters can scale in a matter of seconds.


I don’t really want to see unbalanced games so I would prefer that this is kept to a minimum. I would even say that individual maps should be balanced so that the monster is given incentives (like good food sources) to go into areas where it doesn’t have a natural advantage over the hunters.


i understand that no one should have a distinct advantage in certain places, but from what ive seen, the hunters already have that.

from what ive seen, in my opinion, the hunters would have an advantage in an open spot, where theres no place for the monster to go. And when the monster hits level 3, when he can to hit the final objective, they have time to set up all the defenses possible.

if thats right, then i would believe the monster should have similar situations.


Actually, currently water doesn’t affect Kraken’s electrical attacks, although that is something they are still trying to test and balance in so it might still happen.


If they do just run off to set up defense leaving you alone you can farm elites for perks and arrive with buffs and at full armor. It was the biggest most obvious mistake I saw from players at E3 unless I am not understanding something. So I don’t think that strategy is quite as effective as was shown. I think it’s great that everyone is speculating and making plans, but our opinions are almost certain to change once we actually play the game.