Monster run


I’ve noticed goliaths run looks bad he runs in a weird way and he is very slow.


my opinion is quite contrary


I think his run is fine, the only animation issues I have are his arms swinging too far forward and back but this is minor. However, I hate how he eats. It seems like the animation was fast forwarded. I think reducing the speed by 15-20% would have it still look savage, but not super speedy. Keep the timing of his consumption, just the animation itself would slow down.


I can see that.


This topic… lol xD


i also dislike the way goli eats and runs. the eating animation feels like its unnatural and his run is awkward, i think it would look better if he walked like a gurilla on his knucks


That looks gross in my head :frowning:


Hes a monster u expect him to run in a civilized manner ? :joy:


that being said the krakin is perfect


even tho i dont like playin him


They’re warrior tears!

5 minute 49 seconds, I picture the Goliath running like Barry Goldberg. LOL there are a few runs right after that in the clips, so funny.


Only oddity I noticed with Goliath is his falling speed at Stage 3. He seems to be in low-grav mode or something. And the distance he covers, even with a Level 3 Charge, seems to be rather small. Like, lots of motion for little result.


I think they change your scale of perspective while evolving, just so you seem to be moving slower but you’re moving the same speed you were before


Quite possible. When I became Stage 3 for the first time, I was all “I’m a BIG monster and I want a BIG cereal!”