Monster roar


I love this game , it would be cool if we could make the monster roar like they do at the end of the game but more like a taunt and it reveals your location on the mini map for a fe seconds


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Please check out this topic when you have a moment:

As for the roar, you are not alone. :slight_smile: Many others have mentioned the same thing. While I don’t think we’re like to get a roar/taunt mechanic the devs have been tinkering with a way to add a bit of flourish for the monsters. :monster:


If the monster wins, he already does a roar. But an idea for a roar to give out a location has already been suggested.

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In fact there’s a recent topic here, feel free to join in the discussion. :thumbsup:

Maybe you can click one of the sticks to make a monster roar with a + and a - affect

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