Monster resistances


im new to the forums so hello! i just wanted to bring up something that i noticed and thought would be cool if they put in the game. so you know how markov is electric based in his damage and kraken is electric based as well? i was wondering if there was some sort of mechanic that made certain hunter attacks less effective against certain monster? like hyde with his flamethrower should naturally be less effective against goliath because goliath can breath fire and walk through his own fire and take no damage right? it makes sense that hyde would not be as good against goliath as he is against kraken. same with markov and kraken. Also when evolve comes out im going to be playing on the ps4 if any one wants to add me.


Good question! And I’ll be on PS4 too (once I have one) so I’ll add you


I wondered about this myself, but I suspect Turtle Rock would want players to feel comfortable using their favorite character regardless of the monster. Resistances of this sort make sense but they would limit gameplay in a way that wouldn’t necessarily make things more fun.


I didn’t ever think of that, but as @Draculasaurus said, it’d be unfair to force people to play a certain character.
I’m on PSN too, so I’ll add you once you get one, same for @Plaff


Excuse me to getting off topic but… since I believe we begin to have a little group of future PS players on the forum, do you know who at TRS plan to play on ps4 ?.. =p


cool i will add you when you get a ps4 we can be a great hunter team!


Add me to the ps4 squad =)


We played around with this resistance stuff in the past, but I don’t think it play out very well and it would have been much more extra work and time for implementation and test. I used to think it was a cool idea too, but it would have added on this additional layer of complexity that would not necessarily have been apparent without additional explanation. If Hyde’s flame thrower damage is reduced just by fighting Goliath, then our game has made 1 piece of your equipment ineffective, causing you to want to rely on your mini gun or spend a longer time dishing out damage with the flame thrower, which was not very fun.

The way I see it, rather than letting solid statistics dictate the effectiveness of a character, our game game should center it around situational effectiveness, which leaves it up to the player to figure out when they are effective or not.

Take for example, Hyde vs Markov. Hyde has a higher damage output potential at close range, but is inaccurate at long range. Markov has a lower damage output potential compared to Hyde, but has greater accuracy and generally lands alot of his shots by comparison. I’ve tried playing Hyde and Markov the same way at range between 15-30+ meters and Markov can output more damage than Hyde because of his accuracy. Up Close however 1-20 meters, Hyde shreds compared to Markov. All of this is simply considering myself as an individual player, but if I take into account my team mates and what they can do, I can stretch out my strategies and things get more in depth, but from a situational stand point and not a rock/paper/scissor perspective.


I don’t know who is going to be playing on PS4, but I can tell you the best in the studio will be playing on PC. :smiley:


I like that !.. Player’s skill first of all !

(ohhh come on…! =/ On ps4 you’ll even be able to stalk Plaff as a monster, for once !..)


If you want to add me so we can play other games while we wait my PSN ID is THE_ASSASSIN_912…Evolve comes out in what four months from now? its gonna be here before you know it


but thats the thing about resistances in most multiplayer games. one team picks out its loadout, and the other does the same, but neither no anything about the other team. if that was the situation in EVOLVE, then the monster would have no idea what/who the hunters are playing as, and they wouldn’t know what monster they’re hunting. (like in left 4 dead, were if you have a shotgun, yould be better off to kill a hunter or charger, but then you be at a disadvantage with a spitter or a smoker). that way, you dont know whether youll have an advantage on the other team, or youll get screwed.