Monster Rank is More About Luck, Than Skill :(


Monster on console don’t get host, so the greater the lag, the slower the monster is.

Most gold monsters, if not all, have around 15ms connection. Here’s where it gets interesting: the lower in rankings you go, from Gold 1 to Silver 1, the higher the lag a player usually has.

For example: a Gold 1 might have a 15ms connection, while a Silver 1 might have a 112ms connection.

Why is this? The faster the connection, the faster a player can execute his moves, and the better he can play.

This single problem alone makes Hunt 2.0 unbalanced and unfair.

It gets worse though, because the lag problem affects monsters differently.

Kraken and Goliath get affected the most; Wraith, Behemoth, and Gorgon get affected the least.

Goliath is all about landing Leap Smash’s and Rock Throws, so if it takes longer to use these abilities they become more difficult to connect. The same thing goes for Kraken’s Banshee Mines, Lightning Strike, Vortex and Snowballs.

Behemoth, Wraith, and Gorgon don’t have abilities that require precise timing as much, making them easier to use for someone with a less than perfect connection. For example, Gorgon has his Spider Trap ability that can autolock on to hunters, and Acid Spit has AoE damage. That being said, it doesn’t mean that Gorgon is OP, his abilities still come out more slowly regardless. It does mean that only certain monsters are going to be good for someone with a bad connection.

Unfortunately, the biggest difference between a Gold Skilled and a Silver Elite is connection speed.


Monster is always Host ich think


This, at least that’s what I’ve heard.

Luck does play a factor in ranking, but ultimately skill is what determines your ranking. Evolve’s servers failed me three times during my placement matches and I lost 1 real game so I technically only had won 6 matches. As a result I was placed in bronze destroyer. I was better than that and kept playing through. I eventually got consistently paired up against people that were way above my rank and I destroyed them. By doing that I got up to silver master pretty quickly.

I still think the ranking system is flawed and needs to be fixed. I remember making a gold skilled be demoted to a silver rank and the guy complained about it in the PlayStation evolve community. Funny thing is that I only gained like 10 points for that game and he lost 468. I think I should have gotten more than that.


In this game the monster player gets server preference, which means that the game will pick a server closest to the monster player. Playable ping for monster is about 150 or below, and if you can’t maintain that on a server close to you then your connection is not fit for online gaming.

If anything this is a problem for hunters, as they don’t have priority. I’m in EU, and if I get a west US monster I get 200 ping even though my connection is fine.


Can you back up that claim? That ping is directly proportionate to rank. I believe it has an effect, but I’m willing to be there’s golds with bad internet and a ton of silvers with great internet.

Put a gold beside a lake silver, you’ll see a hug e difference.


Yeah… I don’t think so. Mr title.

I have 200 ping per game, I persevere.


wat. I guess. But I have to disagree with wraith. With lag, the melees start to stall and hiccup which is where a lot of wraith damage comes from. Abduction will also just glitch out sometimes and just lock you into the aiming position when you have more than 300 ms, if you have more than 500 ms, warp blast does the same thing. Wraith is probably the hardest to play with lag imo, but the general consensus is that she is weak anyway so qwatever.



Qwatever sounded like a duck said it, lol.


This game has luck side

( Buffs / food roots / amazing ping / high ping on hunters - the map )

Skill side

(Jukes - mitigation - traversals - compo - how to break hunters team - positioning - fighting - stage build / play style - countering hunters comb )


I think you’re reading too much into it.Whenever i go monster which isn’t a lot i’ll admit i generally get the better ping and i’m only silver skilled so your console statement isn’t true.

I think in every game the people near the top of the leaderboards probably have great connections that’s just the way it is.


I wish it worked like that, i would be gold or at least silver. Instead i’m stuck at bronze elite because the game matches me with people who don’t even have a rank yet and don’t know how to play. I just keep losing even though i play really well.


The reason why I play Evolve once a month.


That’s why I said the ranking system is flawed. There are golds who have literally only played their placement matches. I would’ve been a gold or at least a silver destroyer as monster if it wasn’t for the bugs and faulty servers. I know hunter side of things is worse and I only ever play with my squad when playing as hunter. We can win 5 games in a row against people who are our rank or better but have It completely negated by one loss against someone that’s a higher rank.

Recently my friends and I have moved on to smite. It’s way less frustrating. Ranking up is hard enough as it is but I don’t need bugs and faulty weekend servers that have been left unaddressed to be a problem as well.


The ping isn’t holding you back then, you’re a legit Silver 1.


lol. I just pictured the hunters with a comb and taking care of their hair. (I know you meant composition)