Monster Race Pack Not Unlocked?


Hello my fellow hunters and monsters,

Was just wondering if I was the only one that pre-purchased the Monster Race Pack and doesn’t appear to have its contents unlocked, such as the Monster Race Pack skins. If they’ll be unlocked momentarily, I apologize, otherwise I’d like to know the answer. =)

Happy hunting!


I am 5 hours away from being able to help you


Which skins are you missing? Also, where did you purchase the game from?


I have it not unlocked as well, bought through steam.


Maybe the contents are unboxed once the day-one patch releases?


Purchased the MR from greenman gaming. In my steam it’s registered as monster race there too so I’m sure I have it. Just don’t have the things that come with it. have the magma skins and the savage goliath, just that.


So what are you missing? Those are the only skins that came with it.


Actually, there’s supposed to be monster race-exclusive skins that should be only accessible through PCMR for a month.


Monster race has 4 limited time exclusive skins. Might be released when Behemoth comes out since he is included in those 4 skins.


It says Goliath Kraken Wraith Behemoth so it might be released when Behemoth is released.


Can you purchase savage goliath and/or Magma?


PCMR gets the other skins in two days.

We gotta be patient.


Do we know what they are then?


No idea. I can’t pull up other browsers because of me downloading Evolve to check.


-Salutes- If you’re certain then. Thank you =)

Happy hunting.


I’ll let you know as soon as my game unpacks :’|


Yea have the same problem really hoping it’s set for the release. I’m feeling pretty misled about all of this, really wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt considering it’s such a great game.


I pre-ordered for XBone and I got the skins but the tier three and Wraith are locked. Also the day one patch is not showing up.


Yeah, it’s very strange >>; and I can’t find any sign or mention about this from them… Guess we’ll have to wait.

Happy hunting


if you guys are wondering about the PCMR exclusive skins steam does say “Celebrate the release of Behemoth when he comes to Shear with a skin for each of the first four Monsters: Goliath, Kraken, Wraith & Behemoth”. This I assume means they come with the behemoth patch