Monster race edition without behemoth Lie


Im just be disapointed today when i connect with the new patch on it because i was thinking to play the new behemoth but it seems its only for the pre ordered version. So i find that stupid because i buy for absolutely nothing the monster race edition that the link from steam where i buy the game

Take the hunt to the next stage with the Evolve PC Monster Race Edition which includes additional bonus digital content:

• Evolve: Hunting Season Pass – Boost your hunting party. The Evolve Hunting Season Pass includes 4 new hunters and 3 exclusive Magma monster skins for one low price. Unlock the Magma skins right away to customize Goliath, Kraken, or Wraith.
• Fifth Playable Monster – Goliath, Kraken, Wraith and Behemoth are not alone. A fifth playable Monster is coming to Shear and included in the PC Monster Race Edition.
• Two More Hunters – With more Monsters threatening Shear Hunters are needed… and they’re coming. Get two additional Hunters to join the fight to save the colony.
• Four Monster Skins (Limited Time Exclusive): Show the Hunters who’s boss with these limited time Exclusive Monster skins. Celebrate the release of Behemoth when he comes to Shear with a skin for each of the first four Monsters: Goliath, Kraken, Wraith & Behemoth.

“If you write this” Behemoth are not alone. A fifth playable Monster is coming to Shear and “”"“included”""" in the PC Monster Race Edition i think we are suppose to have it

Why call that a monster race edition you are playing on word and seriously im really disapointed …


Behemoth is the 4th monster, not the 5th. He was used as a pre-order bonus and was never stated to be a part of the PCMR.

With PCMR you get T4 Hunters, two T5 Hunters and the T5 monster. It’s a sweet deal in my opinion and sweeter if you pre-ordered.


Ok but its not write no where on description on steam why ???

You fix problem on game fine but fix problem on the description and what is really include and your pack and be honnest.

If i buy something i really want to know what im buying and you clearly dont care about that …

its like to buy a car and told to the buyer “Wheel are not included” …


Maybe you can help me, I’ve been looking everywhere, what are the two new T5 hunters? I don’t understand.


They have not been released yet. When they are, you will get them for free.