Monster Race Edition Question~


Since Steam has been putting me through the ringer regarding this game I was wondering if the DLC included in the Monster Race Edition (Monster Skins, 5th Monster, 2 Extra Hunters) are permanently exclusive to that version, or will they be released as paid DLC for those who have only bought the standard Evolve after a set amount of time?

Please get back to me on this, I’m very concerned about it.

Thanks in advance


There is nothing exclusive. You will still be able to purchase any and all Hunters/Monsters/Skins down the road.


You will be able to buy everything.There is no exclusive(besides some skins)But everything in the PCMR you will be able.

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Nothing in evolve is content exclusive - only time exclusive for 30 days in special cases like the monster race edition.

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Does this include the Magma skins?


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Magma skins are in the season pass, and the same rules apply. exclusive for a time, then publicly available.


What @Takran said :slight_smile:


…Does this also apply to the Savage Goliath skin and the Exterminator Hunter skins?


Ok, thanks @MaddCow! I think I asked this already in a different thread but I wanted to make sure, lol :smile:


Okay great to hear! Thanks for clearing up that worry of mine! <3

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100% sure on the exterminator. 99% sure on the Savage Goliath.


It applies to literally everything with the only exception being a monster skin line that is exclusive to developers. That won’t be on the market for anyone though, or at least not in the foreseeable future. Other than that, absolutely everything will be available for people.


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Yeah, but I am glad you can buy them because I really want the exterminator skins but I was only able to buy the game on steam.


Do we know what skins will be in the monster race edition?