Monster Race Digital Deluxe


When I pre-purchased the game through steam and was curious if there was a way to upgrade to the monster race edition of the game? Steam will not allow me to order another copy or gave me any options for an upgrade. Help?


You can cancel your pre-order and then purchase the other version.


This link should help you with that!


Thank you guys so much. One more question though, now that I have L4D in my library, will I be able to participate in the tech test for PC. If so, when can I preload it?


Aw man… I just saw this and now I can’t buy the Monster race version on steam… Im just to poor : :sob: In any case if you have L4D @DandyDale you should be able to get into the Tech test. :smiley:


I dont know where i can find this:


I am actually pretty new to steam, so I am not sure myself. I know other members have had luck finding it though - does anyone know where that tab is?


nvm i figured it out

Click on your Steam name far right - account Detail - Store Transactions - Evolve - Refund - buy Evolve Monster PC Race


I was hoping game stop sells the monster race edition, but i dont see it on the website. is it only going to be through steam?



It’s not showing up for me… :confused:


That is super weird.

You could try opening a ticket with Steam support.


I’ve already sent in one, all that’s left is to wait for a reply…