:monster: Quick Shot Returns! :monster:


Hello Everyone, i’m super exciter to tell you something. For those that dont regularly visit Twitch, or may have missed the teases…

Xbox One Sign-Ups CLICK HERE

Quick Shot will take place over the course of 3 weekends. Week 1 and Week 2 will be in a SWISS format, and Week 3 will be single elimination. This will make the matches more enjoyable for new + veteran teams alike. Teams that perform well will be matched against each other, while teams that don’t perform well, will also be matched against each other.

Game Mode: Hunt
Map Effects: Fair Weather
Difficulty: Balanced
Fauna-Wildlife: High Population
Round length: 10 minutes
Reinforcement Time: 1:15
Character Perks: On
Mastery Bonus: On
Elite Wildlife: Off

The map pool is broken into 3 rings of maps. If a Map in a ring is selected, then the rest of the maps in that ring are disabled.
#Ring 1:
Fusion Plant
#Ring 2:
Orbital Drill
Refueling Tower
Wraith Trap
#Ring 3:
Rendering Plant

#Ring System:

In the example:
Match 1: MedLab
Match 2: Armoury
Match 3: Orbital Drill
In a Best of 7 tiebreaker scenario: Any map not contained within the white circle is available for selection.
In a Best of 5 tiebreaker scenario: Any map from the remaining ring, is available for selection.

This will increase map variety, and increase the spectator aspect, while making the players experience more enjoyable.

You can find our Patreon link here: CLICK HERE FOR PATREON PAGE
The prize pool is divided amongst the winners based on the number of participants PER Console.

##How Long will this take?
This tournament utilizes an automatic check in system, and each week will ONLY take 4-5 hours to complete. You will have 4 series per week MAXIMUM. This was done intentionally to help provide a more accurate timeline for players. You dont have to play every weekend, you only have to play the final weekend and you can qualify in either of the weeks leading up to it.
##I dont understand the RING system, Where can I ask questions?
Right below! Ask questions, i’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. If you’re not sure, write out the scenario that you’re unsure about. I make a point of visiting this forums regularly.
##Can Free Agents Sign up?
No, unfortunately we’ve moved away from Free agent integration in order to conserve time. If you would like, you can participate in DiCE tournaments as a free agent, to meet new players and build your team!
##Who Made those sick images?
@Seedsy and @skills4u2envy . I made the actual photoshop images, however @skills4u2envy helped with the modeling and ensuring we could get proper poses. She’s done a great job, not only with assisting me, but she also was the person to solve the puzzle :slight_smile:
##SoonTM ?
No more SoonTM. We’re live, and public. Build your teams and lets get this going :slight_smile:
##Who will be casting the tournament?
Xbox One:
Derpy Teammates

##Do I need a capture card to Commentate the tournament?
No, I’ve developed another system for this, and it will cover the faults of non-capture card tournament casting. You will have to agree to abide by these guidelines, but your more than welcome.

Can I broadcast my perspective?

You are more than welcome to broadcast your perspective! I’d recommend a delay, but your are more than welcome!
##How do I build a team?
You can ask people on your friendslist who you play with regularly, or you can go to one of the many threads of people looking for teams.
##Where can I find a copy of the Schedule?
Click the registration link above to find the dates and times for YOUR console.

#In addition:

This will be the Last Quick Shot tournament, and I will be taking a break as an Administrator of tournaments. All the rule-sets I’ve used/made are public and free to be used by anyone else who wants to run a tournament/event.


Ohhh! So that’s what the circle thing was!


I would love to join, but I have a speech impediment, and that might mess up Hunter communication. Unless I can exclusively play Monster, which doesn’t look like I can. And I’m glad that I’m on summer break during the tourney dates.

IF I join, I will be broadcasting the tournament.


Nothing to win…FAK


I like the ring system. It gives some variety to the maps being played, but also keeps it balanced (monster favored vs hunter favored)


Great to hear!


Community generated prize pool.
Last time, it was close to $600


Are those skins prizes?


New monsters??? TU9 ain’t even here yet.


Elder Kraken wasnt released during the last one.


Not currently, however maybe in the future :wink:


I’m just messing. I’ve never tried any competition for evolve maybe I should give it a shot.


you’re more than welcome :slight_smile: You can always meet new players during the next DiCE tourny.


My only issue is with kelder and gorgon but that’s for a whole other thread.





I’d be willing to shout some PS4 stuff, if @StealthShampoo doesn’t wanna come back and do it.


Hey set me up on PC! I’m good at announcing :slight_smile:


Added. I’ll give you a copy of the caster kit once its avail.
(i’m gonna fix some issues with the last one).


All good :slight_smile: