Monster questions


Any questions about monsters that anyone who knows can answer.


I would like to know if the cool down reduction perk affects traversal abilities.


it shouldn t and doesn t, where did you get that idea ?


Some people were picking it and saying it helped with traversal for behemoth.


huh, weird


Traversal is tied into stamina, and the cool down reduction is tied to the 4 main attacks


There is a stamina based one they can choose.


You are probably thinking STAMINA cooldown


Any questions?


What perk is best for each monster(OPINIONS)


Depends on the situation… but I prefer:
Krakken: ability cooldown
Goliath: Stamina recharge
Wraith: Speed boost
Behemoth: Stamina recharge or ability cooldown. I haven’t done enough practice on either yet.

Krakken is most powerful because of his massively offensive abilities that can be fired off in chains. Reducing said cooldown makes you more effective in combat.

Goliath: Is also very powerful, but I have a hard time with getting away. So I choose stamina recharge so I can leap more frequently. Also helps vs. sunny/torvald. The most successful Goliaths I see touch the ground about as often as a krakken in combat :goliath_roar:

Wraith: Wraith is a glass cannon. I use speed to boost my sneaking speed and also to try to help keep me out of domes. Domes are death…

Behemoth: Have not played him much. But I hear two things… 1) his power comes from chaining attacks (cooldown reduction) and 2) His roller ball can be hard to escape with, and costs a lot of energy to get going (stamina recharge)

I’m not a good monster player however. I’m sure there are better “pro” answers out there.