Monster Progression


Hello! Just a quick question, while it hasn’t been revealed yet, is the third monster done or close to completion? Just wondering.


Yes, I also need 10 characters to make a post.


I’m sure Turtle Rock is performing some finishing touches, but by all accounts the monster is more or less ready to go. They just haven’t revealed it yet, probably because they want to save that surprise for closer til launch.


This. It will get the hype and increase sales of the Pre-Orders! smile


The third monster is most definitely done, and they have already play tested it extensively from what devs have said. I heard that it has an equal 50 50 win loss rate, which is the most balanced so far (the other two were like 48 52 and 49 51), also I think it was damjess that said she wasn’t any good at the third monster. Another dev said that the third monster was pretty quick to make, as was Goliath.


Here you go, lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Me thinks ur a wee bit late, laddy.


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