Monster pounce reach needs toning down a bit


I’m not sure if people are ok with this or not, but to me personally I do think that the pounce from the Monsters needs to be lowered in reach just a bit. I only “complain” about this because I have had multiple matches where I am at a great distance from the player (from my point of view or others) or have jet dodged from pouncing me and in the end I still get SUCKED in which ends the game. Since most of us know to never trust the “elusive” jet packs I’m wondering if others feel this way to. {I also have a problem with Wraiths abduction when jet dodging out the way but that is another personal thing that doesn’t matter now.}

Monster Sneak Attack is so Broken

I agree that some of the pouncing is pretty ridiculous.


It does seem rather long-ranged at the moment.

Wraith abduction has a fat hit box, which can be a blessing and a curse.


As both a monster and a hunter player, wraith is OP but pounce is necessary as monster, do me a favor play as monster for 1 day, just 1 and you will see it isnt OP


I think its fine. If you are on your own, you will go down. Its the way the game is built, and if you have a teammate there, you will be fine.


It really isn’t necessary, but it isn’t gamebreaking either.


play the monster and tell me it isnt necessary when sneaking -_-


Have, and I do.


I haven’t said that Wraith was OP or not I’m only stating an occurrence where I get grabbed AFTER dodging. Also I know that the pounce is necessary I am also just stating that its reach should be tweaked a little for how (how should I but it) ‘unrealistic’ (maybe) it can be when attacking enemies.


Sorry that wasn’t the meaning of what I am trying to say…Here an example: You are on a ledge (alone or not) the monster wants to pounce you. You’re smart enough to jet dodge out the way you do, BUT no matter how high or far you are away the monster…STILL got you. Now your down and out…or not. See my point.


The pouncing range depends on the stage the monster has reached. The bigger the longer…


I can see and understand that. It still concerns me though because I
have seen some videos where people have gotten passed an easy pounce
from a monster at a very high stage yet they couldn’t get away when they
were pretty far away. Mid-air even. It’s just something that bothered
me a bit whenever playing a good game.


The range on pounce is a little long. At least when they’re pouncing a hunter. I’ve played a little as monster and I know they “need” the range to be long so they can keep sneaking around the entire map for the whole round :unamused: …but yeah, I agree. I’ve been pounced from what should have been pretty far away, and it just seemed a little much.

And no, I wasn’t off by myself, a teammate was shortly behind. But I even knew where the monster was and was keeping what I though was a VERY careful distance and it didn’t matter. It’s just annoying, because even when a teammate is close they still have obstacles that can make a stupid pounce like that cause a LOT of damage.