Monster pounce change (nerf)


I’m not sure if this happened with the release of TU9 (Stage2) or if it was in one of the following patches…

Monster pounces now require a target. If a pounce is attempted while nothing is targeted you just stand there swinging like an idiot. This is nerf to monsters that no one talked about.

Pouncing prey wasn’t the only thing pounce was used for. It was also used to:

  1. Gain additional distance while fleeing, esp. if slowed by Abe/Crow.
  2. Pounce beyond the range of harpoons, breaking them.
  3. Behemoth could “roll” out of an orbital using a pounce since he has no quick traversal.

I suspect this is the result of the fix to prevent monsters from pouncing through geometry and falling through the world. It’s still a nerf though, and this post is just FYI. I’d rather not have monsters falling through geometry, but I miss the old pounce.


I am pretty sure they did it because of monsters using it as a movement ability.


Basically this. This would give pro players an edge in getting away from people, while lesser skilled monsters didn’t know about it. So they decided to even things out


I agree it’s a pain in the ass. It was good before so if I missed, I still got closer to them. It’s very annoying when all you want to do is grab someone is combat, but they just back up and you’re shit out of luck then.


I hope this isn’t the reason. Little tricks like that are one of the cooler aspects of knowing a game well. Dumbing it down isn’t the way IMO.


Stage 2 is all about “dumbing the game down” this way new players didn’t ride the struggle bus, also known as the high-ass skill curve.

I like how it was removed. If the Hunter is backing up and almost out of range, THATS when you pounce, not when they are out of range and need to pounce to keep up with them.


This change has been in effect since Evolve Stage 2 beta was active.


I believe he is talking about how the nerf should have not been added; wants the old pounce back.


I didn’t even know you can pounce without a target.


its more like, I want to pounce too, its one way to disrupt the hunter patterns.

But, it takes a few more steps than many other things in the game now so its a bit more difficult to use strong strategies with it anymore.