Monster Plushies


I really want some Goliath and Kraken Plushies! @MacMan


i want a wraith plushie and a behemoth plushie and all of them in between, some hunters too


Would be awesome. I wanted to buy the goliath statue on the evolve store from 2k but it was out of stock :confused:
Edit: Actually just checked again, its available to pre-order. Did not notice that at first!


I believe @SledgePainter made a plushie. Think it was Daisy though.


i want a real working Medgun! >W>


Yes, yes, yes, yes,yes ,yes ,yesyesyes,yes,yesyesysyesesyesyeyeyeyeyeyeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy



Also, Bucket Head Plushie Plz.


I want a Toxic Grenade hanging chair.


…My girlfriend did a drawing of chibi hyde with a big smile on his face going ‘Weeeeeeeeeeeee’.

Can we have a plushie hyde with a pullstring that makes him say silly hyde stuff?


i want!! a real sound spikes thingy >M>


Sold at Toys R Us. “Over 50 different phrases!” Try me “I’ll melt ye fuckin face off.”


Zzzip “Naaaah, y’got me mate, I don’ giv’a shit.”


I designed a plush concept but not an actual plush…and the studio I am sure is working with their own artists to make a plush (I assume it will be Daisy since @Chloe mentioned it was not Goliath). I still may try to make one myself.


Featuring the all new Behemoth Plushy from Hasbro! Kids will love the six foot tall plushy to play with and when they’re done playing or cuddling, it rolls up into a ball for storage!!


And it also has a burning hot tongue!


Still want a baby Goliath plush :grin:


It could shoot green silly string till the healing tech comes out :smiley:


Please post that. Hyde is my fave Hunter.


im trying to get ahold of it


Oh oh I know how about Buckets head as a French press style coffee maker!? :smiley: