Monster Players: Why do you like to play as monsters rather than hunters?

Because I have pity for the monsters and want to help them not to become extinct °O°


pretty much sums it up for me

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If I fail as a monster its my own damn fault, I’ve only got myself to blame and as long as the hunter team is civil I won’t have my head chewed off. When I’m playing hunter and I make a mistake like missing the dome or putting it up in a bad spot; I feel like I let my team down and if we lose, the outcome could have been different if I hadn’t missed the dome. Visa versa, I don’t like loosing if my team members make a fatal error.

I enjoy the feeling of being the underdog and then rising up and smashing the hunters into the dirt, because they let me gain the upper hand. I savor the feeling that comes from downing hunter after hunter in succession, then as the last hunter flees in a last ditch attempt; I land one last well placed powerful blow and eat their corpses in triumph.

To be fair, the potential to feel empowered in victory is only as real as the potential of feeling like the Hunter’s b*tch in defeat.

I don’t like people, Plus who wouldn’t want to play as a 20ft fire breathing, Rock throwing, Leap smashing badass :smiley:

Is it just me, or does everyone who play monster, have some sort of dislike for the human race? ^.-


I kinda wanted to play as hunters first at launch. Wanted to get my feet wet. Avoid monster until i was aware of what was going on. What do you know my first match I was thrown in as Goliath. Damn I was nervous. Getting that win was so satisfying. Trapper at heart. But monster is something else man.

Basically…Yes :smiley:

I just like eating other players and devouring their hopes and dreams…

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Well… I like being a big, huge monster. Eating things, throwing power around and being big and stompy… all of that appeals to me. When I’m hunting food, I feel like am the apex predator of that ecosystem, and I feel awesome. Which is why more than anything else I hate S1 domes, because they make me feel weak and powerless. After I stage up, I am The Boss. I will hunt you down, I will find you, and I will eat you. I have the power to throw around, and I revel in it. I announce myself to the hunters, let them know where I am, that I am waiting, and that I am not afraid. And of course, being big and stompy goes hand in hand with that. And that may be why, although I love the Kraken, I tend to do somewhat better with Goliath. Well, that and the fact that Goliath’s head isn’t the size of a house. Behemoth likely will be a, big, juicy treat for me… once I get to play him. And yeah, I’m rather cynical regarding humanity as well. :wink:


I prefer to play monster because I am not excluded out of responsibilities. I have them all. As an assault I can’t heal so there is nothing I can do in that regard. Most of the rounds something is out of order and I wish I could just play that hunter at the moment to do it just right and that basically means I should player monster.
Usually it keeps me away from people that scream stuff like OMG TEAM REALLY (shoot me out of the plant 70m away from all of ya)
Also you can only really lay out traps as a monster. There is no big planing as a hunter. It is pretty straightforward.

I play monster to understand one simple thing

See Ellen S

For me I feel Evolve caters to a interest formed with the game Alien Versus Predator 2: a 3-way match pitting humans, predators, and aliens against each other. Playing as alien was just an absolute blast: crawling on walls & ceilings, using vents & small spaces, really stalking people and taking out stragglers or ambushing groups. This was seriously addictive once you got used to your perspective flipping every which way as you stalked people through hallways and rooms.

So 10 years later Evolve shows up and once again I get to be the “alien”. Although the two play vastly different, its still a blast to be something to hunt down targets again, to really play both a physical and mental game. I’m actually really hoping that at some point we might have a new monster that’s heavily focused on stalking. While the wraith could fit this to a degree I feel its more like a stealthy brawler more than anything else. I’d love something to really play mind games and focus on stalking rather than just evasion.

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My friends bailed on the game pretty fast, and most people in pub matches don’t use mics. So since you need complete teamwork unless the monster is trash, I’d rather play on my own team than be at the mercy of a Maggie user who doesn’t use Daisy, a Laz who doesn’t use his healing burst, etc etc.

Finding 4 competent/ cooperative team of hunters is much more difficult than finding “one” competent monster ( Yourself/Myself).

Ppl likes to blame after losing/ etc…( doest matter whos fault, but always not the person who are blaming ).

As monster, u take all the responsibility, if you screwed up, its no other ppl’s Fault BUT YOU.
Lots of ppl cant take that “responsibility” cuz they cant/ and wont stop blaming others.

I do have friends playing evolve, we will go 4 hunters, but when im soloing , ill get monster.
I think ive been called cheater, been reported to steam (using cheat). etc. many times by other hunter players. They just quit the game, when they are losing.

Not much of a team player

Because there isn’t enough animal, dinosaur or monster simulators out there and are not silly like goat simulator. Example this is fun cause you lay as the monster and have an intended role. Other examples are jaws unleashed and skyrim (playing as the werewolf).

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Because that’s a really unique experience that few games provide. By playing monster in Evolve I can kick asses of 4 other people in the world at the same time and it feels great :grinning:

I liked Vampire Lord in Skyrim, Werewolf was boring.

But then again, my games modded. ^.-

Mainly because it’s the monster, I’ve always wanted to be Godzilla or the alien instead of being the normal human with a gun.