Monster Players: Why do you like to play as monsters rather than hunters?

For me its because None of my friends have Evolve. Instead all they want to play is CoD and GTA 5. Also, I just prefer to work alone, besides, killing humans is always fun.




Same. Either they didnt even buy it or they stopped playing two weks after launch.

But also because I love Kraken.


A couple days after launch I stopped playing but then after playing it again after a couple weeks I decided to come back and play it more.

i only trust myself, humans tend to disappoint me


Sometimes I feel as if my teamates have had a stroke whilst playing hunter in public games.

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I love the tactical aspect of staying elusive and trying to dictate the pace of the game against the monsters.

Nothing like giving the hunters the slip. It’s my favorite part of the game!

Because I like being a savage animal!! killing and ripping into human flesh is always so satisfying :yum:

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I don’t do teamwork, and if I wanted to play a FPS I wouldn’t be playing this game.

Very true.

I’ve always wanted to play the bad guy, and man is Goliath cool looking. And being the big bad boss is pretty fun

Because beating four people at once is much more satisfying than just one :wink:


The cheap grimy (yet true) answer is playing as the monster precludes you from hazarding mismatched hunters.

More thoughtfully, some part of me has always been attracted to being the odd man out, last one standing, etc. The monster’s the center of attention…they’re just…trying to kill you.

First couple times playing as the monster my heart rate was through the roof.


Nothing beats being a massive predator hunting through a landscape throwing off human oppressors. It’s just one of my “things.”

I love playing as the primal assassin I’ve always wanted to play as since I started gaming. That’s why.

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Because it feels so empowering to be able to singlehandedly beat 4 people at once. Kinda like a revenge against the days of being bullied at school.

And because being a human is too “normal” for my taste. The same was true in Natural Selection 2 where I strongly preferred playing Aliens until I had to practice Marines for competitive games.

Because we don’t like relying on mortals, and it’s fun to kill other players, and make them angry.

I’ve always been a fan of the Monster Hunter series of titles from Capcom. For years I’ve played as the hunter, never the hunted. I rather enjoy finally switching things up. On another note, the game plays more comfortable for me as a Monster. I don’t like FPS games. The Monster is played in the Over-the-shoulder 3rd-person prospective, which is generally how I enjoy my games most of the time. Furthermore, it makes soloing a lot more enjoyable. Finally, I can pick it up and play it more readily than being frustrated that I cannot form a team.

I always enjoy running solo more than working with others. I don’t play well with others lol

Because everyone I know who brought the game didn’t stick with it long enough to really enjoy it. So its much easier to play monster than cry every time a random match up ends with the assault inside a plant, medic shooting wildlife and support camping at the relay on stage 2 while I am tagging and trapping the monster on my own haha.

Getting quite good at Goliath, haven’t lost a match in a while, with most finished stage 2.