Monster players, please read


“I used to win 99% of my games as monster, these days I win 75% of my games as monster. The game is definitely unbalanced in favour of hunters though.”

See how silly that sounds when written down?

The telemetry data shows us that monsters win more than the hunters do in level 40+ games. Our group plays custom games with no elite wildlife buffs, monsters still win more than hunters do.

If you won literally 50% of your games as monster, then the game is perfectly balanced. If you are winning 70%+ of your games as monster then how can you with a straight face jump onto the forums and complain that the hunters are too strong?

P.s. I play both hunter and monster, monster is my favourite. Good monsters still wreck good teams, good teams can still wreck good monsters.

TL:DR - stop moaning and L2P. Cheese and rice…

(This isn’t aimed at any one person, I’m just tired of seeing “Hi there, Scissors are overpowered, yours truly, Paper” type threads - EVEN THOUGH THE TELEMETRY DATA QUITE LITERALLY PROVES OTHERWISE.)


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please just stfu plssss player lvl says nothing…


monster players still win yes… but they don’t enjoy the gameplay against special combos anymore.


Kraken currently has a win rate of nearly 75% in level 40 plus games, you’re right though, those hunters are way too overpowered.

Secondly, whilst player level isn’t necessarily an indicator of skill, it’s the highest level you can get to and therefore the only yardstick you can use when it comes to determining balance. Or maybe we should balance the game based on what level 30 players are up to?

The simple fact (and this is a fact), is that in the high level games, monsters win more than hunters do. So how on earth can we say that the monsters are underpowered as a whole? (And this is coming from someone who prefers monster play.)

Granted a few small tweaks are needed, but c’mon…

EDIT - I do still really enjoy the gameplay, rolf stomping people with no effort or tactics required isn’t exactly fun. It’s supposed to be challenging, the win rate is SUPPOSED to be 50/50, that’s kinda what balance is…


ok ill try to explain this the game cant be properly balanced atm because all we have are these lvl 40 statistics, which say nothing about playerskill and the rng that happend in the game.

in a battle of equal skill level the hunters have the edge.

the new hunters have too much utility and the time needed to outplay one of those is beyond any reason compared to the old hunters.


Oh lord please youve only made it worse now ! People are going to write entire threads to counter what your saying and only bitch and complain about it MORE s please for your sake the community’s , and forums let those who can clear needless forum posts do their jobs . Thank you kindly


Good monsters winning 99% is a matchmaking issue - not a balance one.

The only thing that sounds silly is disregarding that very important fact.


It might be the only yardstick they can currently use, but they are also trying to 50/50 a game without any sort of matchmaking. So that is the retardism.

It should be all hands on deck for a long time on ranked mode and a bit of different stuff, but instead enjoy observer mode.


I agree that the current system isn’t perfect, but until a better one (mmr/elo/etc) comes along we only have WLR to go on.

For the game to be balance the WLR needs to be 50/50, I’m just tired of seeing monster players complain that their WLR has gone from 90% to 75%, and somehow thinking this means the hunters are too good. I agree T4 introduced some troubling combos, but I don’t think they suddenly made it impossible to win.

lastly, “equal skilled adversaries means that the Hunters win,” is a completely false statement. there is currently no way to measure if two opposing oppenents are of equal skill so there’s no way of telling if that is even the case. Right now all we have is WLR (which tells us nothing really given that custom games don’t count and pub stomping is the easiest thing ever) and player level - which only indicates that a minimum amount of game time has been played by said player.


so you are winning 75% of your games now lol vs 99%. If you are winning 75% games as a monster and you are now forced to learn new strategies and overcome new obstacles then i would be more excited especially since your win ratio is way above 50% . I still think you can build your percentage back up learning more of what the hunters do now with their 4 new friends and what new combo’s are being applied. I thought that’s what made this game fun, not knowing your enemy then using what you learned from playing against each hunter as your advantage. I would honestly be completely BORED if I as a monster would use the same strategy over and over again every time a new tier of hunters came along to win, it makes the game no fun.


too late…


Again the wlr needs to be at 50/50 when only opponents of similar strength face each other.

Whatever they put their manpower into now to get the wlr to 50/50 will need more manpower to undo once real results are in.

Seems like a lot of wasted manpower to me.