Monster players - pick behemoth and die on purpose in 2+ minutes for maximum buff


So we can rejoice a week or two in absolute power at our fingertips. Let telemetry do us a favor :smiley:


im with you lol sadly its unintended :anguished:


And this will be fun how?


The Behemoth AI in solo play mode already does this. I haven’t had a match that took over 3 minutes against it (using full T4 team)


Haha poor one then make sure to at least hit the evolve button to skew the stage 2 data aswell


Oh you cheeky, clever people!


So you’re in?


Well, not much I can do. When I use Behemoth I die in two seconds anyway, so I’m in whether I like it or not. :sweat_smile:


Thats very good, then might I suggest instead of slacking inbetween clients you swiftly start a behemoth round?


On my mobile phone? :slight_smile: I wish!


At first it might seem like a problem BUT what you call smart phone is instead a remote controlling device for your PC at home. It might be clunky at first but you will get the hang of it once you set your mind to give monsters abusive power.

Everyone has to do his part and if that means that you need to remote control your pc at home with your smartphone inbetween clients then so be it.


Alright. I will find a way.


Will do, especially against Torvald