Monster Player Only Lobby


I am a monster only player. There needs to be a monster only lobby. I hate playing as the hunter and that matchmaking penalty that happens when you leave a lobby. I close my app to bypass the min wait on ps4.

This 4 vs 1 game, where the hell is the monster only lobbies (Im a solo player)?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!? I hate spending 10 min (Excluding Load Time) to find a lobby for a monster slot, that hasn’t started, very frustrating!

Please if anything, bring a monster only lobby!!!

EDIT I’m a monster only player, and this is just my suggestions! Really hate playing hunters!

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'Twas why I stayed out of it. ^.^
I do however agree with allowing people wanting to play hunter/monster, to play their preferred side. Said it in the past, and still stand by the statements today.


Maybe Rank mode will make you a little happier, since you will get the class you want.


Really want a Hunter/Monster only server.
Makes meh cry when I get medic.

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@renzoantwan Making sure you see this.


@ToiletWraith not sure if bader, or yes…


Also lets not derail.


If there are 400 monsters, and 400 trappers, guess how many monsters will need to play hunter because otherwise they’ll need to sit around on matchmaking for hours? 300 monster players. Then monsters will need to be kicked after a game into the waiting queue so that another monster who was in the queue can play.

Adding a monster only lobby won’t really help anything. It’ll just mean you’ll be waiting around for hours until a spot opens up, or you’ll be playing with bots (which can’t happen because you need atleast 2 players).

The best thing is to either play customs or learn to play at least one class of hunter, so that you can play monster when it’s available, and then when someone else in the lobby who has a monster pref is made monster, you can play that hunter role. I just don’t see a monster-only pref/lobby working in a 4v1, unless they create more rooms with incomplete player hunters or long monster waiting queues.

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theres no way of bypassing the timer. Youll be waiting the same amount of time if not longer just by quitting the game and logging back in :g.

Anyways i do wish we could always play our first pick


Love when people get sassy for no reason.


Hey thanks!

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No lie, i only bought this game to play as the monster only and i really thought that they would of established this before launch but hey. From my experience, i know alot of people that hate playing the monster and im one of the few. I don know the technical/coding aspects of it but look how Battlefield works. They’re dedicated slots for people that want to play the commander and not the soldier. I think it can work.


Lol sorry, misunderstood your post.

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On my ps4 its faster to close the app and restart it to try another lobby, just by a couple seconds though.


I would love a thing like this.

I frequently cue in a party and we never seem to find a monster player…Then when I cue as monster I get nothing but hunter. -.-


That’s the wonders of MM. ^.^


Never ceases to amaze me.

Like when we’re in a party of four and the other guy prefers monster but one of us gets it anyway. Or when I have no pref and you want Trapper and it gives me Trapper…

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Yeah, it’s strange like that. ^.-


Wut O_o PS4 MM doesn’t do those things. Sucks for you guys (and girls).


Happens pretty often for us. ~shrugs~