Monster player new to ESL looking for some advice


I would consider myself a well rounded monster but I’m not perfect and I am in need of some work. Just recently started in on the competitive scene and as anyone knows pub stomping is not competitive play. Looking for some insight from competitive players and when I use the term “competitive” I am referring to tourney players. Playing on console utilizing Goliath.

So to my questions:

(1) What is the most streamlined perk that benefits the monster overall? Which works best for you?

I am well aware that feeding speed, movement speed, CDR, and Damage Bonus/Resistance are feasible but each is situational and somewhat dependent on competing teams comp and your monster play style given the chosen map. I’ve been addicted to speed perk since beta so I’ve been doing my best to wean myself off of it in favor of perks that may aid combat slightly more.

(2) Is it best to bait a dome at stage one rather than risk an evolution and possibly be caught mid/post evolve?

It’s not exactly the best idea for a stage one dome but very slick teams will hang back and cloak trapper so even though you think you’re in the clear its smack down time once you commit to the evolve. If you wait too long to evolve you’re giving time for the hunters to catch up as the whole evolution process take approx 12 seconds if I’m not mistaken which is nearly half the dome cool down period. I’ve found best scenario is evolve straight after dome even if they’re close. The slight damage you take to your HP pool is better than being caught in a bad dome with limited room to evade in.

(3) How often do you feed even if hunters are just around the corner?

Do you find it best to feed until it’s time to juke than go right back to it even if hunters are within 60m or do you blast out of there to create huge distance feed, rinse repeat. I know there’s no one solid tactic it’s a combination of many and knowing when to utilize them in conjunction with map knowledg and route chosen. Every instance is situational but just wondering what the consensus is.

(4) Hank, is it feasible to work through his shield when focussing a hunter i.e. Is it worth it to continue the onslaught if said hunter is near death (possibly medic) just to get that incap?

Let me put some context on that. You might be saying well why didn’t you focus support first? Well, perhaps in this instance the opportunity presented itself to jump on medic because he/she was straggling or out of position. The fight ensues you have some time to put in some damage. The squad arrives but you have a decent amount of armor we’ll say stage two and hank saves the day with his shield. Do you continue to wreak havoc? There’s no dome yet but if you commit there will be and the possibility exists to take serious damage do you stay or cut your losses.

I know these questions come across as very basic but I’m looking for what your perspective may be. A lot of the time in game things change in a flash and even though you were looking for that moment to flee you have now been given an opportunity to punish some players and/or take the win so I understand that there are varying circumstances that may be for or against you it’s just a matter of how you play your hand. Any feedback is appreciated please keep your L2P and other flame responses to yourself if you have nothing conducive to add to an intelligible conversation, thanks.


Watch me play in the finals in Go4evolve #9 on black_aegis stream page. I soley play Goliath and I would hope watching that would help. As far as perk I choose damage more often than anything.


well you mentioned the streamlined ones. they dont do you wrong so they are good to use.

for goliath iv been running traversal recharge lately. in battle and in escape you have nearly unlimted jumps. (60 meters escaping if they are shooting/slowing you) it helps me a ton. and golaith has freedom in that regard.

i find that if they are doing the shadow at the choke point strat. if you have the armor then 3v1 is an advantage to you. no slows or cc means you can focus down a target better. set up quick combos and work them down. keep that smell at all times to see if the trapper will commit. it should be a teeter totter battle.

the other thing is map dependant. but if you bait them into fighting deep in the cut off area. bee-line to the trapper who is awaiting your “escape” well if done right hes now alone far away from the team. light him up :slight_smile: dome goes down or the trapper does anyway. you now have freedom to evolve.

the nice thing about the new meta shift is that they wont dome you until your armor is low to do big damage OR you have evolved. so as long as your armor is healthy as you dodge around the choke point. you can keep this dance up till you can capitalize on a mistake.

this is all preference to me. I usually do if i know their location and comp. but sunny is not a nice person lol. so i tend to get distance first.

only on stage 3. the other 2 take too long to deplete it. a good strat is to bounce back and forth between hank and the medic. since they must link themselves to save each other (val hank, caira hank in a sense) you know their locations.

in your scenario i will hit hank with a ranged move. it will give you the small window needed to finish the low hp member. unless they dodge it. then u gotta run over to hank and punch him lol.


I find Damage Increase to compliment me most since my running is well enough, and I always like having the extra umph for when I hit.
I always hit ^.-

If you feel confident in your running ability, then yes.
If you think you’ll be tailed for the rest of the game due to the one sighting, then no.

Personally, I eat every chance I get.
Hunter 10 meters away, frantically pinging me, not shooting because hes afraid I’ll attack?
Don’t care, I killed this Megamouth, I’m eating it dammit.

Depends on assault.
Markov? You push through that shield like no ones business.
Torvald? Moment you hear Chakakakak
Break off.
Too much damage to risk it.
Thats when you either gtfo or switch targets onto Hank.
Your choice.


Step 1: Select Kraken

Step 2: Smash your face on the keyboard

Step 3: Profit

I personally run feeding speed because hunters at that level are so fast and furious that you wont get much opportunity to eat let alone finish a whole meal but with Feeding Speed you can eat whole chunks before the hunters get LoS on you.

Always force Hanks cloak if he already use it then down him. The way I imagine playing monster in ESL is more or less the same as in normal games. You use your own judgement. The only difference is that you generally have to either bait/force a dome or juke the hunters in order to get that Evolution that you need.


I really enjoyed watching your gameplay. I think what I found most intriguing besides your overall expertise is that you chose to run two maxed out abilities at stage two, neither of which were rock throw.

I have always found that having leap smash right off the hop at stage one is beneficial for its utilization as a traversal mechanic alongside its primary combat orientation. More so than charge because LS allows for more mobility but do you find that without the damage bonus perk running those two maxed out abilities at stage two is still as effective?

I would have thought with LS having such a long cool down period, despite having three points in that ability, that the amount of damage dealt even with three in fire breathe wouldn’t be enough to combat the healing of say Caira. I’ve seen other Goliath players run this build to less effect but of course there are a number of circumstances that could have been working against them i.e. experience level, hunter comp, map choice, area of battle etc.


And thanks for the input guys I appreciate all of your responses. It has helped buff my understanding on some matters. But here’s a couple more questions:

Which of Goliaths abilities is strongest?

I thought rock throw was but than having played around with leap smash I’m not 100% certain. Of course accuracy and fall of have a lot to do with it but my fall back point on this observation stems from the cool down period of each ability. I don’t use charge as much but from my understanding fire breathe has about a 10 sec cool down, rock throw ~12 sec, and leap smash is somewhere around 20sec give or take (sorry I don’t have exact numbers). I’m merely assuming that it’s with respect to the cool down time that possibly the corresponding damage of each ability is greater with the larger cool down attacks.

Does Griffins harpoon gun stop goliath from making a traversal or leap smash back towards him?

What I mean is if you jump or LS towards Griffin does the harpoon reduce your jump height or distance covered even if it’s towards him? Obviously if your moving away from him it stops you in your tracks. Does it work differently in allowing you to reach the full height of your jump versus being harpooned by several Maggie traps where you’re basically locked down to the ground?


[quote=“FourMeats, post:1, topic:57637”]
(2) Is it best to bait a dome at stage one rather than risk an evolution and possibly be caught mid/post evolve?
[/quote]A good hunter team wont dome you stage 1, they will stay near the middle of the map, so that when you go for the evolve, they will catch you garanteed with no armor and a fresh dome.