Monster player Looking to Join Team (PS4)

I’m a Gold skilled ranked monster player looking for a team to join up with on PS4. Hopefully we can get together and play in the tournament this weekend, but i’d like to do scrims as well.

I can play hunters for fun, at least one character in every role, but i’d much prefer my monster.

I’m in North America on Pacific time, and i can usually be found on throughout the day during the week, and later on at night on weekends.

I tend to put the focus on improvement, I’d love to be able to consistently play against a team to give and get feedback, and help each other to refine our playstyles. I’d also say i’m usually pretty laid back, rarely do i rage or get upset at the game. I prefer to tell someone what they did right and wrong and what they could do better than to tell them that they’re bad and i’m better, and I’d like to craft a team that could say the same.

Let me know if you’re interested!

Hey Vinyl,I just posted about looking for a group as well which would include a monster.

I have played against you before with randoms and I know your good. If you don’t find a full hunter team you might I interest you in helping me get a full team together? We are looking for the same thing here.

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Yeah man :smile: sounds good to me. Let’s see how many others we can pick up for the team.