Monster photographs


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I was planning on drawing all monsters, and I was wondering if some of you could send me some really nice & rare photos of them all? I know there are some beautiful photos out there but they are very hard to find. The photos on Google are always the same, so that’s why I’m asking you here. I would love to have a high resolution on them aswell so I can see details on all of the beauties!

And I promise to send in photos here when the drawings are done :smiley:

Love this photo, to you who did it: you are awesome, makes me sad to see Goli sad tho < / 3


There’s this. :slight_smile:

And that one is made by @SledgePainter !

She makes a ton of awesome stuff! :slight_smile:


Those are some good photos, sooo nice detail :heart_eyes:


I honestly can’t tell how I feel about that Goliath picture…

It’s very good artistically with smooth drawing and colorful…

But the image unto itself is just…



That’s it. I’m killing some Hunters today as Goliath.



The magnificent @SledgePainter made that. She is byfar one of the best monster artists I’ve ever seen!


Thanks for your kind words!

@EvolveUniverse I’m glad you liked the piece. I have a thread with most of my Evolve artwork in it here:
Sledge’s Art Corner I am still working on a bunch of these and still have an unfinished Elder Kraken that needs to be listed. Guess I should edit this thread, heh.


I was gonna ask about that Elder Kraken :slight_smile:


I’m actually having trouble finding the file. I might have erased it from my system. I know I had posted it in the random thread but I’ll never find it in there now, lol. Sometimes I clear out sketches once I post them on the forum because I figure I’ll get to it shortly to finish…only I had a lot come up since then…

Did anyone save the Kelder drawing that SledgePainter made? THANKS BOT!

I will look for it. Fear not!


Haha no worries…I still have the original paper one I was working on. You wouldn’t believe how bogged down my system gets with all of the art files I have…but that said, the OP wants some photo references. Well, what I usually do to get mine besides looking in Google is to take my own while in-game, either as hunter or monster. If you have a friend or two that’s willing, go into a game together with all of your mics on, have one of your friends be monster and kill off the bots, then work on grabbing some photos of the monster in the poses you’re trying to get, roughly. Also, I have another thread that has great in-game shots…let me go find that…

Here we go:

…also here too for some fun shots:


I looked through all 800 posts, no Kelder lol


It’d practically impossible to find unless somebody saved it. I’d rescan it but I’d rather get to the inking stage before doing so since I have to scan it into two parts and splice due to size. I hate splicing…

Did anyone save the Kelder drawing that SledgePainter made? THANKS BOT!

Im literally going to make a thread right now for this.


Honestly didnt think it was good enough to be worth saving in the state it was in which is also why I didn’t edit it into my art thread, lol.

Evolve Universe, does the Shear photo fun thread help? If not, get some forumites to help you get some photos in-game. Also try the evolve web site itself…sometimes it have nice gems that are shockingly totally buried on Google images.