Monster pets


What if, magically, there was a way for you to own a pet Monster. Much smaller than the originals, and completely harmless, but completely living and breathing. Goliath, Kraken, Wraith, or Behemoth and what would you name it?

Personally, I’d have a pet Kraken, since I play as Kraken, and I’d name it PIKACHU. Because Lightning Strike is fucking Thunderbolt.


I’d have a Wraith, her name would be Gina.

I have no idea why…first name that came to mind.


I would love a tiny miniature Goliath… I would probably name them Vulcan


Totally would have a Goliath if I wasn’t allowed to instead have a Trapjaw. A Trapjaw (preferred) I’d name Gus. Goliath… hmmm… eh, just either I’d name Gus. :slight_smile:


There is already a what if thread and I’d probably go with Goliath cause I always wanted a fire breathing lizard. I’d name him something… I have no idea what i’d name him.




Goliath, would look like an awesome guard dog, and seems badass as a transport to go to school, no car will dear go near you :smiley:


A tyrant named free willy.

A megamouth named dwayne johnson. (the rock)

a behemoth named gutts.

a goliath named bambam

but i think IRL id get a venomhound. those things are wicked cool and they are HUGE! id be like the thundercats riding him into battle…or He-Man. my venomhounds name would be Vexx.



So I can Katamari Damacy the world. I guess I’d name it Sisyphus, cause of you know, the whole ball thing.


Behemoth named Tiny. Or Bowler.


I’d have a pet trapjaw. I would name it Tanglefang.


Now I really want TRS to make a Tamagotchi style spin off where you care for and nurture a pet monster, like you can send it out for “walks” and give it treats like a small Trapjaw. Or if they’ve been REALLY good, you can feed them a nice Hunter. :smile:


TF2 had hats.

We have pets.


I feed my pet Kraken a nice helping of Bucket.


Now that I’ve thought about it, inspired by your name, I definitely think I would go for Snaggletooth for my Trapjaw.


I want a pet Behemoth, and I will name him Bob. Or a pet Kraken that I could ride in the skies, and I would call him Toothless. :smiley:


A kraken named Kraken.

A wraith named Wraith.

A behemoth named Behemoth

A goliath named Goliath.

(A velvet worm named Velvet worm…)


I loved that movie.