Monster Perk Selection Screen


The developers said you unlock perks for doing things with certain monster/hunters (I think). I’m not saying that’s definite but I’m pretty certain it’s something like that. Perhaps you get the fast feeding perk from that monster? It just seems weird to put in the silhouette of something that isn’t going to be in the game


What’s the 1665:58 in the top right corner, next to The Dam / Hunt?


I think it’s some sort of lobby timer before the match starts. I’m guessing it was raised higher though so people had as much time as they want when playing at public events


I swear I recognize that last monster. It kinda reminds me of the Egypt monsters from Samurai Jack


@SlinkyGuy Why does it have what appears to be Goliath for the increased damage? Because they picked a general image for that style of play, and naturally the Goliath best fits the bill. Maybe fast eating is preferred for something that needs to rely on its speed more than it’s brawn!


Yeah it could be that too!

I dunno, we need the devs up in here to settle this debate, I reckon! :wink:


They wouldn’t tell us if it was the last monster anyways :p. But yeah when we see the last monster I’ll come back to this topic and see if it’s anything like that photo


If I had a nickel for every time I wanted info from a dev, I would of been able to buy my way into E3 to play the game myself! :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you are right, otherwise the third monster will look pretty similar to the Goliath, I think the picture is just a generic “monster” image.


I fell in love with the increased feeding speed at E3. Made getting to stage 1 to stage 2 very fast. I abused Kraken’s aerial attack because it did (or at least felt like it did) splash damage. So I’d spray and pray a group of wildlife and eat as many as I could to maximize feeding time to hit stage 2 in no time.

And yes, eating hunters is a viable strategy as is eating Daisy 0_0.


Lets make an incapped Maggie watch lol


lol, so evil!

You should hear Maggie cry out when Daisy dies. It’s so sad!


It was confirmed in the subreddit that Grounder was an early name for Kraken - the idea was that his electric attacks ground out through the hunters. source here:

There are lots of fun tidbits there. Like that in the early versions of the game, monsters turned into giant cupcakes on death. I’d totally be down to cupcake some Goliath, if you catch my drift.


“No Perk” does in fact give you no perk. It was implemented so we could test base situations without the perks possibly affecting our testing. We would first play with no perks just to see how balance changes worked out, then add perks later to see how well they worked.

Personally I’ve loved the feeding speed perk for a long time with Goliath. Obviously it can let you stage up faster & counter Laz better as @MacMan mentioned, but I was more interested in the speed at which I could re-engage a fight with armor. As a monster, you generally don’t want to risk losing life if you can help it so you eat wildlife to regenerate armor faster.

Ideally I would kill several wildlife creatures somewhat close together, and then engage the hunters close to their position. Once they had worn down my armor I could retreat back to my stash of food, feed quickly to restore my armor, and re-engage them.


The silhouettes are supposed to just be generic monsters really, but since Goliath was the first to be super fine tuned, many icons were somewhat made with him in mind. They aren’t teasers for future monsters. Sorry.


Thanks for answer !..

(Ahh… “no perk” means no perk… Anyway, seeing the number of perk cases really excites me ^^)




Well that clears things up for us, thank you very much!

How well do matches often play out if no perks are selected anyway?


Matches without perks tend to play out normally. While play testing with perks getting tweaked, we could see differences right away. Early on when we tried the damage perk in the play test, the monster could take down hunters at stage 1 very quickly who did not have the damage resistance perk. So it got Nerfed down to something more balanced and manageable.


What about this (maybe too) incredibly amazing hunter perk which regenerates life over time…?


That was actually available in the E3 Demo. Hunters could choose from increased damage, damage resistance, or health regeneration out of combat. We used to get this perk often, kind of as a joke, when @Bambe would play medic Val, because he would hardly remember to heal us in a fight and just dance with the monster using tranq darts and jetpack dodging. It is also really useful when you have Lazarus on the team since his healing capability is limited.